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You Know, When You Are On T.V. the Haters Will Multiply

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on September 09 2015

haters are motivatorsYes, I know. And, I very much appreciate all of you who have expressed your concern for my friends, employees, customers and me. I know you love us and are worried for us and want to be sure we have thought this through. And, yes, we have.

We even talked about it in our Pole Dancing episodes for Plus Life TV. For one thing, when you are fat, there is not one moment in the day where you forget you are fat. Trust me. We know better than anyone that our bodies take more MORE space. And, all of us involved in out t.v. show filming did so with our eyes wide open. We know we are going to catch so much crap. Our blogs, our Instagram our Facebook pages will be filled with hate and really mean stuff and we are preparing mentally. (My blog on dealing with the haters and how I am NOT going to ignore them any longer.)

No matter what you do as a fat person, you get flack and hate. (Dear Fat People video is proof of that.)  Sadly, there are a lot of ugly, hateful people like that twit that made the Dear Fat People video. Some people subscribe 100% to that video and those haters keep asking me things like “why don’t you just lose some weight and live a healthy life style?”  Well, for one thing,please don’t get me started… but…. I do not have to LOSE weight just so you think I am attractive, dear Hater. I could go on and on. I do not have to justify my existence to anyone but me. I do not have to be healthy if I don’t want to be and, oh yah, how do you know I am not healthy, Concern Troll? Get it? I get this daily and so do my customers, friends and fans.

Since I opened my boutique almost 3 years ago – we have been the targets of fat shamers, concern trolls and haters of all sorts. My store was even vandalized three times in 2 months this year. So, yah, we are not strangers to the hate and vitriol out there.

We absolutely know that the HATE is going to get turned up a notch and people are going to say nasty awful things that will hurt my Mom’s feelings, because she does read them all. And, I wish we could avoid that, because I know my Mom, my Aunties, my Cousins, My Uncles, all of my family take the personal attacks to heart. I, however, DO NOT.

I wish you could hear me say these words : ” I Don’t Give a F***!”  Truly. 

The opinions of small minded people do not mean anything to me. If I do not personally LOVE you and KNOW YOU, I don’t care about your opinion of my fat ass. Know what I mean?

And, all of the women and couples who have been involved in the filming of our t.v. show know that, too. And, we all have a thick skin from dealing with this kind of meanness our entire fat lives.

But, thank you for your concern and love. I appreciate all of you worrying about the t.v. audience bringing is much meaner, much more vicious haters and we are all prepared or are busy preparing ourselves.  We will back each other up and we will be there to help each other deal with it.

I personally also have an amazing network of business owner friends, body love activists and all of my friends and family who will be there for me on those really dark days. So I feel very supported and I will share that support with all of our friends who are in our t.v. show. (Our Facebook page for our t.v. show is if you want to follow along!)

And, friends, we are doing this BECAUSE of all of this bullshit we have to think about.  I want to live in a world where owning a Plus Size Lingerie Boutique is NOT an act of ACTIVISM. Know what I mean. I want to give a glimmer of hope to the chubby 3rd graders out there feeling so humiliated when they are out there school shopping.  I want to provide a glimmer of home for those adolescent young women shopping for a junior prom dress and feeling humiliated and hideous because there is nothing in their size.  I want to give a glimmer of hope to all of those men and women out there in recovery for their eating disorders and who have NEVER seen FAT and HAPPY people on a t.v. show before.

So, yes, we know. It’s going to get YOU GEE ELL WHY… U.G.L.Y.  and we’re preparing for it and we just HAVE TO DO IT, ya know!  We want to help. We want to make a difference. We want to create compassion and empathy for fat bodies. We want to prove to the world that FAT people are sexual beings.  We just have so much work to do, still.  We are just at the beginning of this movement and we are so full of gratitude that we get to do our small part to show the world that ALL BODIES are BEAUTIFUL and that all bodies are capable of so much pleasure.

And, we’re still looking for advertisers, sponsors and backers. If you can back our crowdfunding on Crowded Reality or you know of sponsors or advertisers, please share this link here or donate to our t.v. show fundraising campaign. We have 100 backers so far.



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