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Womanizer. Orgasm Game Changer or All Hype?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on January 17 2017

womanixer full picture womanizer purpleWomanizer Vibrator – Is it an Orgasm Game Changer or is it All Hype? I hesitate calling this “tool” a “sex toy” because it’s $200. And, it is a tool that provides suction on your clitoris and vibrates at the same time.  That is the definition of a very very handy tool to me! It is also rechargeable and the suction tip is made of medical grade silicone.  (Update 4/16/2017 – the Womanizer Pro 40 is available again and is only $115 instead of $200.  I have tried both and I love the both. I do prefer the handle on the Pro 40 – the less expensive version. LINK HERE to buy the Womanizer Pro 40.)

So, the creator of this product describes this product on their website as a “touchless” orgasm. Their words are “touchless stimulation of the clitoris.”  But, that is absolutely not how I tested it out. I did put it directly on my clitoris to feel the full effect of the suction and the vibration. But, this could be a great tool for those of you who find your clitoris cannot take a lot of stimulation and for those of you who find vibration numbs you out. (They have a special air technology they call “Pleasure Air Technology.”)

***  (So, if you are a woman who prefers a feather touch or no touch, this tool can also work for you. It can be used “near” your clitoris… does not have to be attached to it if you do not want or you do not like that kind of sensation.)

I should start by saying that there is not ONE toy that works for everyone. Everyone is so completely different as to what turns them on and which kind of stimulation works for their bodies. So, be sure to do your research. I am including some great links to other people who have tested the Womanizer so you can read a variety of opinions. I do realize $200 is a big investment for a sex toy / tool. And, I would never want you to be disappointed with anything you bought from Curvy Girl or based on my opinions. So please read the links.

Here is a short video g-rated video that demonstrates how the Womanizer works with your clitoris

Personally, I LOVED the Womanizer. I found for me, it gave me those sort of shallow and quick orgasms unless I really focused on not letting happen to quickly. I also found that if I would do some deep breathing and talking myself down a little bit, I could have what is called “cluster” orgasms. (No time in between the climax.) Just one after the other and I did not have much choice until I removed the toy from my body – because like I said above – I did the “latch it on” type of technique with this product.  Here is a link to some interesting statistics about Orgasms. Only 57% of women climax with intercourse.

One thing I like to stress is that no two orgasms are ever alike. And, almost everything related to orgasms in the movies and in porn is FAKE and manufactured. Please please know this. And, porn stars are gold medal athletes of sex, so please do not ever compare yourself to the or even to your friends. Your orgasm, your brain, your body is all very unique and nothing like your best friend, so please try very hard not to compare your experience with theirs.

For my own body and my own life, I would give this product 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It could be better if it was a bit longer and those buttons were easier to manage. But, otherwise, I LOVE it and am thrilled with it. I would say it is definitely a game changer to me. I have every sex toy known to man. This one is now in my Top 5. (BTW, I paid for my both of my Womanizers.)

Ok, so now for some more links to Womanizer Reviews:

Toy Meets Girl  likes it but has some criticisms and ideas. LINK HERE

Ninja Sexology has some strong opinions and she brings up a good point. Some women prefer “broad stimulation” and the Womanizer is NOT that kind of tool. It’s very focused on your clitoris only. LINK HERE to Ninja Sexology

Slutty Girl Problems preferred the original Womanizer. But, still an insightful review of the Womanizer 500. LINK HERE to Slutty Girl Problems

And, I know this one is not about the Womanizer 500, but it’s such a well written blog about the first version of the Womanizer. I like it because she is very honest about how this style of sex toy does not work for her. I adore the RedheadBedHead and I think it’s an important read if you are thinking about investing $200 in one of these. Redheadbedhead Review Link Here.

Ok, now I have done my due diligence. I hope you will educate yourselves and think about your own body and your own response and experiences with toys that are very specifically focused on your clitoris.

I tend to love toys that pulse and escalate, like the Lia Magic Wand the the 5 Speed Bullet. This is like one of those but WITH suction that vibrates. Super fun for partner play, too. It also has a 1 year warranty. And I found the tip very easy to clean.

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Also, you should see this BuzzFeed Video about the Womanizer! LINK here.

4/16 Update:  When I compare the $200 version and the $115 version, I do love them equally, but I do find the handle on the cheaper version much much easier to maneuver alone. Either one works great for partner play, but alone, I much prefer the Womanizer Pro 40.)



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