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Why buy lingerie if it only stays on for 30 seconds?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on February 24 2013


Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose

Because men have a memory like an elephant! Well, that is just one reason. It may only stay on for 30 seconds, but it does live on in their memory (or spankbank) forever and ever.

I own a lingerie store for Curvy women and this topic comes up on a daily basis. And, we have a sign in our dressing rooms that says “He does not see it on you the way you see it on you.”

Here is my theory as to why men love lingerie on women so much and I would love to hear from the male readers if they agree with my theory. For starters, lingerie equals sex in a man’s mind. Typically, when you are wearing lingerie for your guy, you have an end goal of some intimacy and affection in mind. Lingerie is pretty. It’s feminine. It’s soft and sexy or slutty and strappy and to men, that is sexy.

I believe that the ritual of you going out to buy lingerie with him and his penis in mind makes him feel very special. I believe they love the idea of you going out to the mall or to your favorite boutique and thinking about what HE might like on you makes him feel honored and special. (Oh, and horny, too.)

When you text him or tell him you are going lingerie shopping and you ask him his favorite color or you discuss ideas of styles and tastes, he gets very excited because he knows eventually it will turn into attention to his penis. It creates anticipation and novelty. It makes him feel special.

We all are very well aware of how difficult it is to keep a relationship fresh. When you are in a long term relationship, it is so difficult to keep that element of surprise and NEW alive and well. When you come home with new panties, stockings, a negligee or a bustier it’s like you are a NEW lover all over again. It creates that visual excitement and that visceral response you use to have to each other when everything was new. It keeps the novelty alive and gives him a new visual memory to add to his collection already in his brain

And, let’s not forget how pretty panties and lingerie makes YOU feel. I like to joke that life is too short for ugly underwear. But, it’s true. When you wear a tired old bra or your granny panties, you do not feel like you are on top of the world or like sex on a stick. You feel drab, like your underthings. Buy lingerie that makes you feel confident and that you feel comfortable in. Confidence is uber-sexy to men and women. That confidence translates to more fun in your boudoir.

And, if you want to really see him light up, buy something you can wear out under your “regular” clothes and give him a sneak peek of your new bra, your new thong or your new stocking while you are doing mundane things like your weekend trip to Costco or your next family day at the movies. Surprise and anticipation can keep your relationship extra hot.

So surprise your lover. Rock that new panty and bra set from your neighborhood lingerie boutique. Create a new memory for both of you. And I promise you, men do NOT see the stretch marks or that your breasts are not as perky as they once were. They see that you picked out, paid for and put on a sexy new little number with his penis in mind. You are perfection and he will appreciate you for it.


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