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We’re NOT hiding anymore, Linda Kelsey. “Fatties” having fun!

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on July 10 2014

"Fatties" at a concert! Gorgeous!

“Fatties” at a concert! Gorgeous!

As I posted on my FB page, today, this woman Linda Kelsey wins the “Asshole of the Year” award.  I am NOT linking to her hate filled article on the “Daily Mail Online” article, because I do not want to give them any more traffic and the article is filled with so much vitriol and just totally ignorant comments about some “fatties” as she calls them.

Basically her entire article picks apart all of the young “fatties” and other “fatties” she sees all around her. And she is just so grossed out and offended that fat women have the NERVE to act like we can exist.

The article includes the requisite dehumanizing pictures of fatties with their heads cut off as they innocently walk down a public street. Because you know, fatties should wear a tent to cover our rolls and “lumpen” bodies.

"Fatties" having fun in a swimming pool. SHOCKING I know. :)

“Fatties” having fun in a swimming pool. SHOCKING I know.

Yes, she used the word “lumpen.” I mean, how are CURVY people even allowed to leave the house? I mean, gross, right? The NERVE of us fat people walking around, traveling, going out with our friends, wearing a bikini on the beach, taking vacations, wearing sun dresses and tank tops when it’s hot.  JUST STAY HOME “fatties” and hide out – don’t let the sunlight shine on your “billowing pillows of back and shoulder stuffing!”  (Yes, she used those exact words!)

"Fatties" hiking and in a tank top! GASP!

“Fatties” hiking and in a tank top! GASP!

Honestly, when I first read the article I figure it was a piece of satire from The Salon or The Oatmeal.  NOPE. It’s a real life article about this woman’s HATE for any overweight human out living a life or having and fun.

Beware, if you have any fat goldfish, a chubby Chihuahua or a fluffy guinea pig at home – hide them from Linda. I am sure they are next on the list for a seriously mean and fat shaming diatribe from this Linda Kelsey wench.

So, here is my CHALLENGE, fat friends.  We want to see you in your tank tops, sun dresses, bikinis, at the beach, out in public “Flashing Your Flesh” as this hateful, mean woman put it in her article. Let’s show her how it’s done fatties of the world!

Another "Fattie" Not in hiding! Go Jessica.

Another “Fattie” Not in hiding! Go Jessica.

Share your picture here on our blog our on our Facebook page.  You can find us at and yes “Flash Your Flesh”!

(I am going to walk off this spike in my blood pressure from this crazy mean article and I will likely take a stroll through my neighborhood wearing a tank top and my cordless vibrating panties! Pics to come.)

Don’t have me because I am Curvy-ful,

Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident FAT girl at Curvy Girl Lingerie




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