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We now have a loyalty / rewards card program called Perka

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on April 27 2013


Curvy Girl & Perka

I am so excited to announce that we now have a PERKS program. We are now using Perka as our Curvy Girl loyalty card / rewards card program. You do not need to carry around another punch card or a boutique credit card. We have a new program you can use from your phone called Perka. (You just download the free app to your phone.)

Our specific Curvy Girl landing page from Perka is here if you want to go see the program we have set up for you. We are still new to this, but for now, all of the money you spend gets you a $ for $ point on our loyalty program. Since so many of you shop here so much, we want to be sure to reward you with perks, free gifts, vip passes to our workshops, etc. Perka just recently received a really cool honor from Fast Magazine and they called Perka:  “Perka has been named one of the top ten most innovative companies in the “local” category.”

Look for us to set up a Curvy Girl Panty club and find other ways to reward our regulars and our VIP’s with all kind of fun Curvy Girl goodies! If you have any ideas, please comment here. Maybe we will give you some extra points for your great ideas, too.

We so appreciate all of your loyalty and for making Curvy Girl such a big success in our first 6 months. I am tickled pink that I finally found a great rewards / loyalty program. Some of you know how much I love “gadgets” and technology and I love being able to match their innovative tool with our brand new store and concept!

Thanks Curvies and Friends of Curvies!

Muah, Chrystal Bougon, Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

Curvy Girl San Jose

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San Jose, CA 95125

Tel: 408-264-4227


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