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We made the Round 2 cut for the Free Super Bowl Commercial

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on September 25 2013

Hi Curvies and Friends of Curvies:

So we got the email from Intuit letting us know that Curvy Girl Lingerie made the cut for the next round of Super Bowl commercial competition. So excited but so unsure all at the same time. So I need your advice. (Link to vote for Curvy :

Should we continue to go for it? Or should we focus on other stuff? I think we are in a competition with hundreds or maybe thousands of other businesses. And, some of you may have seen that company NORML (pot club advocates) got a whole bunch of press from The Huffington Post and other media outlets… so the competition is going to be stiff. (And NORML has like 470,000 Fans on Facebook! Not to mention Twitter, Reddit, etc.)

I feel bad continuing to bug my FANS, FAMILY and FREINDS over and over with all of this voting. But, I see that it’s such an awesome opportunity. At the same time, I worry that it will alienate my “lingerie” fans by bugging them to do this voting thing AGAIN. And, we have some SERIOUS competition!



What’s your opinion? Have any advice for me? Here is the link to vote for Curvy Girl:

Share your opinion here or with us on Facebook:

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon



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