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We are the little “curvy” engine that could! Over 17,600 Facebook likers

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on October 21 2013

Likes, and Shares and Comments, OH MY!     


Curvy Girl Lingerie

Somehow we have over seventeen thousand six hundred and eleven “fans” or “likers” in a year and one week of opening our doors. (In case you are new here, we are the second ever PLUS SIZE ONLY lingerie store in the whole country. The ONLY plus size lingerie store west of the Mississippi!)

I knew there was PENT UP demand out there for really good quality, well fitting, sexy and super trashy lingerie for women over a size 12/14. I knew I couldn’t be the only curvy woman on the planet who wanted lots of sexy lingerie and panties – and most importantly – we want to TRY IT ON BEFORE WE BUY IT!

Since we just turned 1 on Oct. 11, 2013, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for all of your LIKES, SHARES and COMMENTS. I truly give you all a ton of the credit for our success.  Every time you click on that little innocent LIKE button, it means our Curvy Girl slice of the world just grew exponentially! Now all of your friends see what you LIKE and then they get curious. Especially if they are a size 12/14 or larger. And, then if they like what they see, the LIKE our page, too. Facebook is an amazing tool for business owners. THANK YOU FACEBOOK! I less than 3 you, Zuck!

As you may know, Facebook is constantly changing how you get your feed. It happens. It’s their book. They can do what they want. If you really want to see our feed in your feed, it will depend on you LIKING, sharing or commenting every once in awhile. If you don’t like any of our posts for a few days, eventually you will not see our feed. I mean, you can see our feed, but you will need to go back to our Curvy Girl Page at  and you can go see our most recent posts.

Or, you can always come here to our blog / website  at and come find our feed link/ page link over to the bottom right of our page.

But, back to my point. It’s because of all of your millions of likes, comments and shares that you helped us grow so fast and quick. I truly thought it was going to take a good three years for us to really gain some ground and for it to be a bit of a struggle to grow and get the word out. But, thanks to all of your REFERRALS, your word of mouth, your LIKES, your recommendations, your YELP reviews, etc etc  we found our Curvy Girl tribe pretty quickly! So thank you from the bottom of my big, Curvy heart! And, I will see you on Facebook.

With Curves & Love,

Chrystal Bougon, Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

Tel: 408-264-4227



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