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Want to help me get the word out to Oprah that we are a Plus Size Lingerie store?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 18 2014


Oprah Tour is Coming to San Jose’s SAP Center







Oprah is going to be in our area in November!!!  Curvy Girls and Curvy Girl Allies – she will be basically right down the street for a couple of days for her

She will LITERALLY be 3.6 miles from our Curvy Girl Lingerie store on Nov. 14th and Nov. 15th.  3.6 MILES! 

As we all know, Oprah has had a life long battle with loving her curvy body and I know in the past, she has been seriously on the DIET / YO YO DIET / NO DIET treadmill. I have noticed recently (last couple of years) she seems to be more at peace in her body and it seems like she has embraced a more “eat to be healthy” attitude and seems to have let go of her “eat to be skinny” patterns.

Don’t you think she would just love all of the “Sexy Is for Every Body” love and support we have amongst our Curvy Girl community? She would be floored by all of you beautiful, curvy women rocking your lingerie and your embracing your body exactly as it exists today.

I see Oprah tweets with a few twitter handles.  The big one seems to be , and then there is @owntv , @o_magazine and @oprah_world.  Do you tweet?  What do you think Oprah would find interesting, fascinating and compelling about our plus size retail store and our online store? I know she would be so inspired by our Curvy Girl community! (Can you believe we already have over 137,000 LIKERS on Facebook?)

They also have a Facebook page set up for their tour. It’s on facebook as  would you all be up for some kind of “write in” campaign where we go and share something cool about Curvy Girl on their Facebook page?

I am open to all of your ideas.  I think she would be moved by the fact that all we sell is lingerie in sizes 12/14 to size 26/28 and that we are a SAFE place for curvy women to come and shop and talk about sex and the fat / thick / curvy / plush woman.

Maybe we should start a “Hey, Oprah!” campaign and take pics of our sexy selves and create some kind of “Oprah Selfie” campaign?

What are your ideas?  Here visit is 3 months away. She will be in San Jose for two days! And right down the street.  Maybe her people would like to contact me for a PRIVATE shopping trip before or after hours at Curvy Girl.

Help me out friends and allies.  How do we get the word out to her? Maybe I need to run an ad in Oprah Magazine. I wonder how affordable that is. I should look into it. Ok, put your Curvy Girl thinking caps on, friends.  We all know you all have all of the BEST ideas here!

Love, Chrystal

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

Tel: 408-264-4227


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