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Wanna Model our Lingerie But You Are Not Local?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on April 17 2017

cb group 5 burgundy (1)We have a plan!

Ok, here is how we want to test it out.

  1. Step 1:  Send us a message via our “Ask Chrystal” option on our blog here on this link here:  (please read my last point In this blog before you do, though.)
  2. Step 2:  In the note to us, tell us you want to be one of our “Far Flung” models and you would like the super secret code to buy up to 1 item and 1 pair of Kixies at 25% off.
  3. Step 3: We will email you a special code and that will authorize you to buy 1 item and 1 pair of Kixies at the discount. (Others items will be canceled.)
  4. Step 4:  You pick out the item you would like to model for our fb / ig or website
  5. Step 5:  We ship it to you.
  6. Step 6:  Take a photo in the item using some good photography common sense. (Please check your background for “stuff.”  We prefer not to see clutter and the contents of your bedroom.) Prefer all white background (like in the pics below) and high resolution (300 dpi or higher)  for our website.  We can be a little more relaxed about the resolution on social media. Make sure your lens is clean before you take the pic. Make sure there is lots of light so we can see you and the item.  Please make sure all nipples and genitals at covered. PR-13 / R Rated please.
  7. Step 7:  Send your photos (front an back of item) back to the email you used to receive your coupon code so we can consider our pic / project complete.
  8. Step 8:  We send you a code for 1 Item at 50% off as a Thank You. (We cannot sell Kixies at 50%, however.)
  9. Step 9 :  Please understand that when you send us these pictures, you are doing so with the intention that Curvy Girl will use these pics on our social pages and possibly on our website if the quality is there.  Once the photos are shared on the internet, they are out there FOREVER. There are no “take backsies” with the internet. Even if we take the photo down, it still exists on someone’s server somewhere.  Keep in mind that we cannot tag you from our social pages, but if your friends or family see you in our feed, they can then tag you. So, please do not submit a photo if you could lose your job, piss off your family or embarrass your kids. (Well, embarrassing your kids might be kind of fun.)
  10. Step 10:  Email us with any questions.
  11. Step 11:  If the item you pick out does not fit, we will need you to ship it back to us and when we ship out the new one, we will need to collect another $9 in shipping from you if you are in the U.S.  (More if you are outside the U.S. Sorry, I wish we were doing well enough that we could pay all of the shipping.)  Hopefully we get the sizing right the first time.

Sound like fun?

We are excited to see what you send back. You can choose from any of the items on our website. And, if you want tips for which size to buy, send us some info when you first email us. Tell us which item you are thinking and then what size you buy at Torrid, Lane Bryant, Walmart, JCPenney, Macy’s or wherever you shop. Also share with us your height, bra size and the size pants / blouse / dress you typically buy at the other stores.

Thanks a million.

Once I have a few pics, I will likely also put them on the blog here and likely write a blog on the Huffington Post about this project, so please be aware that your pics may be used all over.

Thank you, Chrystal DSC_0040 DSC_0064DSC_0131 DSC_0191DSC_0170DSC_0110 DSC_0142 DSC_0209


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