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The Curvy Fashionista Knows the Way to San Jose

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 27 2015

marie denee and cb working on laptops

Marie and Chrystal #bloggerlife

Talk about FAN GIRL!  My Curvy Girls and I were so tickled that Marie Denee – THE CURVY FASHIONISTA – could come all the way to San Jose from Georgia to help us create a couple of segments for our new T.V. show we’re calling “Plus Life TV.”

A few months ago I invited Marie to come to San Jose and I knew she had a super busy August because she had her The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo on August 8th, but we made it work right after her expo! She wrote about her visit her to San Jose and Curvy Girl Lingerie here on her TCF blog. And I “stole” these pictures of her trip to San Jose from her Facebook page. (Thanks, Marie!)


Marie, The Curvy Fashionista in front of Curvy Girl wearing a MonifC jumper.

Marie was such a trooper and boy did we cover a lot of ground while she was in town. We started out on Sunday up at Jill Alexander Design’s boutique in Scott’s Valley. Three of my favorite customers, Tigress, Kim and Spring, joined us at Jill’s. Marie styled them using Jill’s gorgeous designs and they looked amazing. Jill has adorable dresses for wearing out, career wear that is contemporary, yet sassy. And, Jill even has some casual wear that is super comfy and appropriate for all kinds of fun… festivals, shopping, drinks with your friends.  I bought a gorgeous purple skirt, purple cowl neck top and a fab silver bag! Marie helped me to pick out a gorgeous jumper for my head shots I was taking the next day for our T.V. show! Jill really rolled out the red carpet for us and she basically let our film crew take over her entire shop. She is so generous and so fun to work with. I just adore her so much and she made us all feel like a million dollars.

Then, we drove back down into San Jose from Scott’s Valley to my boutique, Curvy Girl Lingerie, and we styled three of my favorite customers for a lingerie boudoir photo shoot that we were doing the next day. Saucye, Mia and Kat joined us and we had so much fun at the shop. Like me, so many of my customers adore Marie and her blog and Facebook page. The girls and I were really excited to work with her and have her expertise and advice. Amazing….. but, talk about LONG DAY.

Then we were up bright and early on Monday morning and we went to our boudoir photo shoot with my friend Danea, the owner of Boudoir Coterie. (Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and to see how talented she is! Here is her FB page link.)

Marie was there helping out with tips for make up, hair, and poses for the photo shoot. Danea and Marie worked together while Danea photographed the Curvy models. I’m really excited to see the pics once Danea is finished with the post production. (And, we took some head shots of me so I have some updated pics to use when we start promoting Plus Life in late October.  YIKES!)

Danea and her hair and make up artists, Nikki and Mari, also rolled out the red carpet for us and let us pretty much take over the Boudoir Coterie studio and space. Danea is so talented and a real artist. She is so fab at making women look and feel beautiful and sexy. All of our models were immediately at ease with Danea in her gorgeous photo studio. It was such a fun day!  (Oh, and yah, it was one of those rare 100 degree days in San Jose.)

That 100 degrees part was not fun, but we made the best of it and Danea was super welcoming and so helpful. Her make up and hair artists were fantastic and it was such a pleasure to work with them, too. If you ever thought about getting a boudoir photo done, I highly recommend Danea and her team. They will make you feel like a queen for a day!

Hear are a couple of pics that we took of Marie and me at the photo shoot. Do you love my big hair? BIG HAIR DON’T CARE! Thank you Marie. Thank you, Nikki, Marie and Danea, too!


Big Hair Don’t Care – Chrystal Bougon


Marie after make up with Nikki


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