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Thank You For Defending Me Against the Fat Shamer “Brandon”

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on July 21 2017

Haters gonna hate, that is for sure. If you are in any kind of business or service that helps people of size, you better prepare yourself for a lot of hate and negativity. This particular fat hater decided to go through about 30 of my Curvy Girl Lingerie Posts and let the half a million of followers that I do not give him a boner.  So sad, right?  Poor Brandon and his penis. LOLOLOL. So sorry I did not give you a boner, Brandon. You know, I do exist to turn you on and all, Brandon!  (I hope you all can read my sarcasm font here.)

Needless to say, I do not give two shits about Brandon. But, you probably figured that out already. But, I really appreciate how many of you defended me and some of you even went to Brandon’s own profile page and gave him the what for! Thank you all so much!

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