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Super Revealing Lingerie For Curvy Girls : Who Says Women of Size Should Wear Mumus and Cover Up Our Bodies?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 03 2017

NOT US!  SEXY is for every BODY here at Curvy Girl.

If you have been following me or Curvy Girl for the past 5 years,  you must know how much I like it SUPER SEXXXXXXXYYYYY!

Revealing, cut-out sides, cut- out tummy, peek- a – boo booty, extra tight, extra short and extra YOWZA! This is my personal favorite kind of look! Go big or go home is my thought process!   Yes, I am a size 26/28.  If you believe the bullshit the TROLLS and the media tell you, you are supposed to hide your fat and rolls if you are over a size 12.

B U L L C R A P !!!! Not this Curvy Girl.  And, if I can help it, ALL of my customers will try these extra revealing items from Pink Lipstick, too. (Besides, no matter how much I try to “camouflage” my fat, you can still see I am fat.) So, not sure what the trolls prefer, but IDGAF!

So, as much as we adore Ashley Alexxis (Professional Model), it does get a bit boring to see her as the model for almost ALL of the plus size lingerie items these days.  Love her. So happy for all of her success and I even told her that in person at the Altitude Lingerie Show earlier in the year. But, I also told her that it does get a little boring for my customers and me to not have much diversity in the images from the designers. So, I am so sorry, because since each of these items are so new, we only have the gorgeous images of her. But, I promise in the next month we will be asking some of our local customers to come over to our office and put the items on for a photoshoot so we can show all of you how it looks on bodies that are NOT professional models. And, we love to show these items on bodies that are size 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28.

Ashley is a doll and she shows off the lingerie beautifully, but we love a lot more diversity in our models. (Size, age, ethnicity, abilities – all of that good stuff.)  Most of us are NOT professional models. So, I mean no shade towards Ashley. I love seeing her get her pay day from all of these designers. But, for my own brand, we need more body types, more ages, more sizes and more babes of color. So, we have some work to do. In the meantime, check out all of these NEW super sexy hot dresses so beautifully modeled by Ashley and one modeled by our friend Shawna.



We have been selling this Shawna stretch dress from Pink Lipstick for a few years a now and almost everyone who tries it on buys it! And, this one is modeled by one of our local customers and Curvy Girl Cover Girls, Shawna! We named the dress after her.  She wears it perfectly with pasties and a G-string.   (We have lots of sexy Pasties here, too, if you need a little more modesty or just want to have some fun with some sexy or sassy pasties. Pasties Link Here.)   The Shawna retails for $38.


(And, if you want to see the 7 Hot Holiday Looks we suggest for this Holiday Season, check out this blog.)





The HEAT is barely harnessed in this 4 piece item from Pink Lipstick, below. RAWR, right?   $28 BUY HERE

You can’t control it, you can only hope to contain it. Harness your inner fire in this elegant and alluring four piece choker bralette set. Sexy set comes with choker harness, bralette, garter belt, and matching g-string panty. *Thigh high not included. From Pink Lipstick. Available in size 1X/2X (fits most 14/16-20-22) & 3X/4X (fits most 22-24/26)”  We do sell our thigh highs here, though. And, the Kixies do NOT require garters, but will work with or without the garters. 


Here are a few new pieces we just got in from Pink Lipstick. I think you will agree they are all super sexy and hard to pass up.










We have lots of other brands that make the super revealing and more BOLD lingerie, so be sure to check out our new website Curvy Girl Lingerie .  You can search in the FANTASY category and also check our some of our Fantasy Lingerie / Curve line.  And, check back often as we are always getting new styles and designers that we add to our website pretty frequently. If you would like to become a Curvy Girl Insider, text us the word curvygirl to 22828 and that will put you on our newsletter list, too.

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