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Sometimes the HATERS and TROLLS are GOOD

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on September 13 2015

plus-size-lingerieHaters/Shamers/Concern Trolls: I know this topic is not a favorite topic for some of you, but I want to share a few things about the haters of the world.

1. We would NOT have anywhere near the amount of “Fans” here on Facebook or on our Instagram if it weren’t for the haters. Yes, the haters bring a lot of negativity to businesses and blog  like mine – but at the same time it brings some of you to my page. Nothing like having a common enemy to bring people together.

2. I know no one wants to hear about that twit ‪#‎nicolearbour‬ and her Dear Fat People video – but look at what happens when we “organize” and rally together. She gave us a common enemy and a cause to rally around and yes, she did a lot of damage to a lot of out self esteem. When I think about the young women and men out there that have eating disorders and who are not very far along in their “I don’t give a f***” journey – well that breaks my heart.

3. As I blogged about last week before her stupid You Tube , I have given up on IGNORING the haters and shamers. It served me ZERO good ignoring them and deleting them this past 3 years. So, I will NO LONGER ignore them. I am taking screen shots and I am writing them back and letting them know I have their email addresses and their i.p. addresses. When our t.v. show airs on cable, we will get so many more haters. We know that. But, the good news is that all of that hate will actually then “inform” and “educate” lots of plusl size consumers that we exist… and for that… I am grateful to the concern trolls and the fat haters. I am sure it would PAIN them to know that in the past, their b.s. mean stuff has actually help people to FIND Curvy Girl.

I know some of you really don’t like me to give these people the time of day and I get that. It was my first instinct to ignore them, but it’s also my job to give all of you a SAFE place and a VOICE and I am ready to be heard.

 love, Chrystal

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