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Perception of Beauty and Sexuality

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on October 07 2014

We are having a 5 week seminar at Curvy Girl and my friend and LMFT Cynthia Marie Haartman will be leading the seminar. I will not be there for the group sessions, but they will be held at Curvy Girl. (Nov. 4th through Dec. 2nd.)

This is a hot button issue for many of my customers and friends. When Cynthia mentioned she was looking for a space to hold this seminar, I told her if she did the seminar after hours, she should do it at our boutique. I am sure there will be a lot of interest. The 5 week series is $190 and you can email or call Cynthia to RSVP and hold your spot. (Her info here:, Tel:408-930-1220.)

What will you learn from the seminar and walk away with?

-better understanding of each of our individual and unique selves; why we act the way we do, and how we can use those those strengths to our advantage

-creative expression and tapping into playfulness

-new insight and gain perspective on individual situations, what works and what doesn’t

-we will work towards acceptance and forgiveness, and gentleness with ourselves, as well as identifying things in our life we DO have control over and can change

-reframing negative self talk, and reframing negative beliefs and assumptions about our bodies, beauty, and sexuality

-positive support from group members

-a toolbox of coping skills and self care techniques

-positive communication skills (in talking with self and others), and learning to ask for what we needs (again, from self and others)

-learning to reframe negative self talk

I hope you will sign up ! Be sure to call Cynthia asap so you can save your spot in the group.

Perception of Beauty


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