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Not a Fan of Fat Shaming? Stop Thin Praising

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on July 18 2017

If you ONLY read one thing I ever share on social media or my blog, please make it this blog by Afshan Jafar on the Los Angeles Review of Books Blog:


Not a Fan of Fat Shaming? Stop Thin Praising.

Afshan spoke to my soul with this blog. The more we praise and reward people for their diets, their thin bodies, their work out regimens, the more we continue to stigmatize fat bodies.

I am thrilled for you if you love to work out and exercise and all of that good stuff, but why do you need to be praised for it? I mean, really ask yourself that question. Why do I want praise for going to the gym? To feel more important or “healther” than your peers? I mean, why?

Please read the entire blog. It is eye opening and very easy to understand read how we are furthering the very unhealthy beauty ideal by praising people for going on diets that do not work over and over and over. And, when we praise people for exercising. I will never get it. Ever.

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