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Looking for Curvy Lingerie Models for our Website

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on September 01 2015

Curvy Girl Lingerie  San Jose, CA

Curvy Girl Lingerie
San Jose, CA

We get asked daily by our fans “How do I become a Plus Size Model” and honestly, I have NO IDEA. But, I had an idea for you to model some of our lingerie and have us feature you on our social pages and on our website  Curvy Girl Lingerie, LLC.

So, the guidelines and terms are going to be a bit tricky;  please read through what it is we require. There are photo guidelines and we need these things to be pretty specific so we can use them on our website. We will also need you to sign a liability release and send that to us electronically so we can have it on file that you are allowing us to use your photo and for our social campaigns. (This means you could see your image on our website, our Instagram, Twitter, our Curvy Girl Facebook page, etc etc. Please keep that in mind.)

The basics are:

1. You can do this from anywhere in the world.  You can be in Newfoundland, Sweden, Oregon or Puerto Rico… where ever you are …. you can join us. No rules about cities or countries…. any where on the planet is great with us!

2. You do need to apply (just send us an email) so we can give you a special discount code to buy some lingerie to wear for your shoot.

(Email us at curvygirlinc at yahoo dot com to apply.)  When you email us, put the words “I want to model for Curvy Girl Lingerie ” in the subject and tell us a little bit about you. Sort of like your story in 1 paragraph. How did you come to LOVE your body? Why do you want to do this? Where are you? Are you a Mom? What kind of work do you do? Tell us something interesting about you.)

3.Once you are approved, we will give you a nice discount to buy your piece for your shoot and ship it off to you. You use the code to buy the lingerie from our website once you are approved.

4. Then you will need to find a VERY plain, VERY white background and some lucky person to photograph you in the lingerie. (Sorry, no exceptions.)

5. You will need to make sure they or you use some kind of editing tool or app to make sure your photo matches the size and resolution we need for our website. We will share the photo dimensions in the email we send to you.

Once you have your image:

6.  Email us your photo and your signed liability release. (If the photo is not the correct resolution and size, we cannot use it, so please make sure you follow these rules. I do not want you all butt hurt when we tell you we can’t use it.)

7.  Once you send us the pic and release, we will add it to our website and on our social pages. (We can use your first name only unless you want us to use your full name.) We will notify you when we do that.

8.  Once everything is approved and good to go, we will send you a $50 coupon code to buy a new piece of lingerie for your own personal life as a THANK YOU gift.

How does that sound?

I am looking forward to your emails and your submissions.  Our customers and our social followers LOVE to see our customers in our lingerie. I LOVE to see your bright, shiny faces!


Thanks everyone!

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Curvy Girl Lingerie, LLC

1535 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95125




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