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Lingerie for Rad Fat Babes Size 22 to Size 28: 14 Links to Lingerie That Will Fit

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 26 2017

If the word FAT offends you, this blog is not for you. I find the word “fat” to be on par with the words  “brunette” and “green eyes.”  They all describe me and my body. End of story.

So, if you are a rad fatty and you love wearing lingerie that does not try to camouflage your fat and rolls, check out this list with link.  I own Curvy Girl Lingerie here in San Jose and we do ship our lingerie all over the world.  These sizes will be in U.S. sizes that are often similar to the sizes we see at our local U.S. mall stores like Lane Byant, Torrid, Forever 21, Macys or Walmart. Enjoy!

Do you love this photo as much as I do? This is Briana (also known as ) tossing her jacket in the air like she just does not care! And, I know her – she does not have any more fucks to give about whatever it is that people think about our bodies.  She is rad and we adore her style and her blog : and a link to a blog she wrote about another one of our pieces we use to call the Pink Amnesia.

In this photo from our Shamelessly Sexy Fashion show this past Oct. 2017, Briana is wearing our Cassandra Romper and if you buy it in the 3/4x it will fit babes who wear a size 22/24 at Lane Bryant.





Jenn Modeling the Jes Baby Doll In Purple


Another one of our very affordable items that will fit out customers who wear a size 22 is the Jes baby doll. The Jes is a Plus Size Queen Baby Doll that comes from the HOT line designed Shirley or Hollywood.  Jenn Plush is rocking this baby doll in the purple, but it is also available in pink, black, hot pink and royal purple.  The colors available change often, so be sure to check back often if you do not see the color you want.

Jenn is a long time friend, customer and loud and proud supporter of Curvy Girl.  Jenn is a bad ass! I so appreciate all of her support. And, that is Sam in the background rocking our “Sam” sleep shirt.

So many babes in one room!




lingerie for unapologetic fatties

“Love Thy Self” wearing our Toni baby Doll in blue and black





This next item is super hot and sexy!  We call this blue and black baby doll the “Toni” and we named it after the super talented and always beautiful artist, Toni Tails.

This is the like to the “Chrystal” which is very similar to the “Toni” and made my Coquette, too.

Both items fit our customers who wear up to a size 28!  Coquette is a great designer and we love how their lingerie fits bodies of all shapes and sizes.

This is our friend “Love Thy Self” rocking the runway in her Kixies  Thigh Highs, her blue and black “Toni,” boa and her sassy attitude.


#shamelessly sexy

#lovethyself365  (Linked to her I.G.) 


The “Kate” modeled by Stephenie  Out customers LOVE this color. This baby doll is also designed by Coquette and is being modeled beautifully by Stephenie in the 3/4x.  She paired if with her Kixies Thigh Highs, too.















We also have Melissa modeling the “Chrystal” baby doll in purple and black. So gorgeous – the lingerie and Melissa!

“Chrystal” baby doll modeled by Melissa

There are lots more options, too!  Check out our website and search  on words like ” Coquette ” or ” Pink Lipstick” as we know these designers make their lingerie to fit babes size 22 and higher. Most of the Pink Lipstick dresses will fit a person size 14 to size 28.  The Coquette designs in  3/4x will fit our customers who wear a size 24/26/28 and in some of their styles – a size 30 as well.

Check out these additional items with links :









Be sure to join our Facebook Community. We have over 460,000 followers who are super generous and share their resources and ideas. It is a lot of fun!




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