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Lingerie for Fat Bodies! Yes, We Have Extended Sizes!

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 13 2016

Hey friends. I wanted to share a new video from Corissa of @FatGirlFlow.  We are very excited to show the world that yes, we do have some extended size lingerie. (As in, lingerie that fits ME!) There are no set rules, but it seems like the fashion world basically things of lingerie size 22 and larger as “extended sizes.”  The sizing and the rules is all so arbitrary. I never really know what they are and I OWN A DAMN PLUS SIZE LINGERIE STORE! Personally, I am about the same size as Corissa, but I am 1 inch shorter. She is 5’8″ tall and she and wears a size 26/28 when shopping at your typical plus size store.

If you are over a size 12 then I do not have to tell you – it’s really hard to find lingerie for larger bodies. I own the first ever plus size lingerie boutique and we are in San Jose, CA. (Also known as Silicon Valley. Lots of tech companies here. Very little lingerie for fat women like me.)

We adore Corissa of Fat Girl Flow and we asked her if she could help us show the world that there is some very well made and very relevant/contemporary lingerie out there for women of size. Not a lot of lingerie for us “extended sizers” like me, but what there is we want to show off! Corissa is a Fat Activist, Blogger and all around cool chick. I think you will adore both of the videos she has made modeling our lingerie. They are both on her You Tube Channel, too, OBVS. I highly recommend you subscribe to her channel.

This is the first video Corissa did for us. One of the items is no longer available (The Ariana), but we are always getting new stuff, too. (Hence the top video. She is modeling some of our new lingerie which is from the holiday collections.) The Gia on our website is basically the replacement for the Ariana, btw.

We know that all bodies are unique and different. And, my staff and I all know how problematic it is to buy clothes online when you are a person of size. So, we love to suggest you call us at the boutique during store hours so we can give you some tips when you are ready to buy. Tel 408 – 264- 4227 is our store phone. We are going to ask you things about what sizes you are buying at the typical fat girl stores. It helps us to know your bra size. And, yes, men are welcome to call, too. We often get men who call for lingerie for themselves. We are happy to help everyone. We just need an idea of what size you are and then we can make suggestions.

Most of our lingerie designers stop at about a size 22. (Though they say it fits larger bodies. I can tell you from 4 years of seeing this stuff on actual humans, it is NOT truly a 4x or whatever the designers are sometimes trying to claim.)  One of our favorite designers, Coquette, cuts their stuff more true to size. Their 3/4x will fit bodies like mine and Corissa’s. We find the 3/4x in their baby dolls will fit many of our customers who wear a size 26/28/30.

It does CRUSH me that there is not more lingerie designed for bodies size 28, 30, 32 and beyond.  When I hear from customers who do now fit into our lingerie, I always send them to Big Gals Lingerie. They make custom stuff and they cut up to a size 12x.  I have personally bought stuff from her and I have loved all of her stuff. (I’ve bought some stuff 7x and some of her stuff 8x.)  I do hear all of you who are often very hurt by the fact that we do not have more larger than a 22. All I an say is I am doing my best and I am trying really hard to convince all of the designers to cut size 24 and up. And, be sure to SPEAK with your pocketbook when you can and if you see something that will fit you, BUY BUY BUY and buy at full price – not on clearance. Full price speaks to the designers. That is how they know there really is actual demand for their items in the “extended” sizes.

Ok, Enjoy! And, happy shopping. Call us or email us if you have any questions at all.


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