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Knock You Nekkid Margarita Recipe

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on February 22 2014

I just heard that today, Feb. 22nd, is National Margarita Day! I had no idea. I like this “holiday.”

I wanted to share my all time favorite margarita recipe and it’s called “Knock You Naked” margarita. You can tweek it the way you like it, but there are basically 4 ingredients. (Sometimes I use regular 7-UP and other times I like to use the diet 7-UP to make it less sweet and cut down on the calories.)

knock you naked margarita

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12   oz Frozen Limeade (Use the empty can to measure the rest of the ingredients.)

12 oz Tequila

12 oz  Diet 7-UP

12 oz  Corona (Works great with most Mexican beers)

Just pour all 4 ingredients into a glass pitcher. Stir and you are ready to drink. I like to garnish with lime wedges and salt rims, too.

(Take the frozen limeade out of the freezer about a half an hour before and put them in the refrigerator so it thaws out some, but not all the way.)


Sincerely, Chrystal



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