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Kixies Thigh Highs for Curvy Girls

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 11 2013


I wrote this for a magazine and they never published it so I thought I would share here. Most of you know already how much we love the Kixies Thigh Highs. And, we do sell them at our Plus Size Lingerie store in San Jose and we also sell them online in our stocking section here:
I discovered some thigh highs this past June that rocked my world. I own a Plus Size Lingerie store in San Jose, CA called Curvy Girl Lingerie. And, I have personally been a curvy girl since the 3rd grade. I am 45 now, so I have some experience with trying to get thigh highs and garter belts work on a curvy body. And, since opening my lingerie store a year ago(Oct. 11th, 2013) I have met hundreds of women who are constantly let down my their thigh highs.
As a Curvy woman, I have always found that the type of thigh highs that are called “stay ups” rarely do. The stay up thigh highs roll down the moment you stand up. And, almost all thigh highs dig into your thigh chub and make that big indent all the way around your thigh. So not cute.
I even found that the thigh highs without the stay up silicone or rubber RARELY fit a thick thigh and they also often roll down, dig into your fat or look ridiculous as they look like their straining within an inch of their life putting so much pressure on the garter clips, the garter belt and the stockings. So not sexy!
This past June, I was introduced to some stockings called Kixies. A very tall, beautiful, willowy friend of mine told me I just HAD to try out these Kixies Thigh Highs she had discovered at the Diva Marathon in San Francisco. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical since I have been searching for about 20 years for stockings that would work on my chubby thighs.
My friend introduced me to Samantha, the owner and creator of Kixies Thigh Samantha immediately sent me a pair or two to try and I have to tell you, when they arrived, I was still very skeptical. I went home that night with my samples and tried them on and I was just so impressed and blown away. So impressed, that I took a picture of my own chubby inner thighs and posted a picture of me in the thigh highs on my blog and shared it with my 18,000 Facebook fans.
Ok. I do not EVER photograph my own chubby inner thighs. It’s like a small miracle that Samantha seemed to solve the curvy girl problem. (And, curvy women are OVER that “stuffed sausage” feeling that we all get when we wear pantyhose. Samantha talks about how she got inspired to create these amazing thigh highs and the “stuffed sausage” affect we all know too well!)
This year, I also learned that ALL women have issues with their thigh highs rolling down and digging into their inner thigh chub. Thin women. Fat women. Short women. Tall women. Everyone.
Kixies Thigh Highs have this super cool silicone band technology that makes it so they do not dig into your skin or fat. And, even if you wear them for hours, they NEVER EVER roll down. We have heard from customers who have worn them in porn shoots. We have heard from customers who wear them on stage for hours at a time. Our customers wear them to work and some wear them to play parties. Every customer of ours that buys them loves them. We are so impressed with the way they fit, too.


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