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Kixie thigh highs that work for chubby thighs and do NOT roll down!

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on May 30 2013

curvy-girl-lingerie thigh high stockings

Ok, so if you follow Curvy Girl on Facebook you know how excited I am about these thigh highs that work on curvy women! My whole life I have had thigh high envy. Like most curvy women, I find that the “stay up” kind of thigh stockings “dig” into my chub and make a big indent. NOT sexy. (Plus they roll down. NOT sexy.) I think I really did kick my heels tonight I was so excited after testing them out!

The other kind of thigh highs that I have worn (or rather tried to wear) with a garter belt immediately roll down and when I look down or in the mirror, it looks like the garter belt attachments are within an inch of their life and it looks like some serious stress and pressure is being put on the garter belt. NOT sexy! (You can buy these plus size thigh highs from our online store here, if you want to try them out!  THIGH HIGHS THAT FIT FAT WOMEN )

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me about these thigh highs she bought at the Diva marathon in San Francisco. She did an email introduction to the owner of the company Kixies and me and we took it from there. The owner, Samantha, sent me out two samples.. both of the larger sizes so I could test out the sizing and the claim that they created a NEW kind of thigh that DOES NOT ROLL down and that DOES NOT MAKE A HUGE “chub” INDENT on my thighs. And I am now tickled pink and so blown away. I was very skeptical when I took them out of the package today and I really did not think they were going to work. COLOR ME SHOCKED!

If you know me at all, it is RARE for me to share any “suggestive”  or very personal pics of myself. And, I do get many requests (mostly from pervy men) on Facebook and Twitter to show naughty pics of myself. That is just beyond unprofessional – but in this case I have to show you how these stockings worked on my own chubby thighs!

curvy-girl-lingerie thigh highs that do not DIG and do not roll down! self portrait of their stay up thigh highs on my chubby thighs self portrait of their stay up thigh highs on my chubby thighs

I am so excited and can’t wait to talk with the CEO of about buying their stockings wholesale. I hope to also talk with her about possibly even going larger then the current sizing they have now. I think we have lots of customers who would like a size even larger then the “D”size that I tried tonight.

So, stay tuned. We will try to get some to our store asap and add them to the blog so you can buy them online. Until then, you can also buy them on right now! I am not sure how they made these stockings work, but their STAY UPS stay up! It’s some kind of silicone and there is a substantial amount of it which I am guessing is part of why these work… even on soft, squishy thighs like mine.

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