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Inspirational Note from a Curvy Girl Lingerie Customer

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on April 30 2014

lingerie-for-fat-womenIf you are having a really crappy self image / low self esteem day, read this.  Bookmark it for those really bad days and come back and read this from an amazing customer who shopped at Curvy Girl recently.

This is the type of feedback that lights the fire under my big curvy butt every day to get to the store and welcome everyone that walks through our door. As I like to say, the haters out there in the world – the ones that write mean blog comments and are “concerned” about my health and the health of my plus size customers – well they are my motivators. EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL.

Dear Chrystal,
I came in to your store the other day for the first time and it felt like I was stepping into the home of a friend. I was instantly relieved to see beautiful lingerie that would actually compliment my body. The lady working that day (feel guilty I can’t remember her name, I’m horrible with names !) was so nice and talked with me a while to answer all my questions.
I also spied your eff your beauty standards bag behind the counter and started talking with her about how fantastic it is that Tess Munster is coming to your store. I can’t express enough how wonderful it is that your store exists.Your body positivity and willingness to speak out about loving your body is helping me each day.
I underwent 3 massive surgeries and radiation in 2013 to remove a cancerous tumor from my shoulder. The end result of those surgeries has left me with massive scars up and down the entire right side of my back and shoulder. I did have a successful tumor removal but it didn’t make me feel any better about my image or help me to feel sexy and body confident.
I discovered your Facebook page after radiation and started reading each and every post. When most women think of body issues their mind immediately goes to their weight. For me its so much more then that. Its about the people that point and stare, its about the rude comments they make, the disgusted faces, but most of all its the body shaming I give myself.I even try to hide my scars from my boyfriend who is fantastic and has told me over and over that I am beautiful scars, rolls, and all.
Many times I’m not comfortable wearing anything that would show my scars, making summer clothes and especially lingerie hard to wear. Your page is helping me to get through all of my body struggles. I’m slowly learning that I can be sexy, fierce, and fantastic in my body no matter what size I am at the moment and that my scars are a symbol that I survived.
I beat the odds, I struggled, I overcame and no amount of other peoples rudeness can take away my victory. I really wanted to reach out and tell you that your making a difference each and everyday to women around the world and especially to me. I know you must have had a million requests from women wanting to be in this years fashion show.I’m guessing all the spots are filled but on the off chance that there is an open spot id really love to join in, so please keep me in mind. Once again thank you so much Chrystal, keep up the amazing work !

She asked that I leave her name out of it, but she said I could use her email. SHE inspired ME. You ALL inspire me. This is what it’s all about. LOVING every single body out there. We all have our scars. Some are physical. Some are emotional. We’re all survivors of the war on women’s bodies. We are all in this body acceptance movement together, Curvies.

Big Love, Chrystal


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