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How We Can Help Women of Size in Houston

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 30 2017

Hi there,

I belong to a group on Facebook called the Supersize Sisterhood and I saw a post from this wonderful woman named Teresa who said she is in College Station, which is NW of Houston. Her Mom lives in Houston and thankfully, her Mom is well insured and is safe.

Teresa was remembering some details about when everyone had to evacuate during that horrible storm Katrina. One specific memory she was of women who were size 24 and larger walking around in garbage bags or super ill fitting clothes – so ill fitting that they almost looked in pain from the way too tight pants, shirts, dresses, etc.

If you are a size 24 or larger, you know how difficult it is to shop. And, many women size 24 or larger are relegated to shopping online.

Now imagine what it is like if you are size 24 or larger and you suddenly lose EVERYTHING. Assuming you had extra money to buy clothes immediately after a disaster like this, where would you even go and BUY them urgently? (I think about this crap all of the time. Is it so unfair!)

So, Teresa has a fabulous idea. She wants to do a clothing drive for clothes size 24 and up. I talked with her and I am also willing to be a collection point.  So, if you would like to ship us or drop off clothes size 24 and larger, you can drop them off here at Curvy Girl in San Jose by Sept. 6th and I will ship the to her in Texas. (If you are shipping stuff and are closer to Teresa then we are, I can give you her email address so you all can coordinate. No reason to ship it all the way to California if we don’t have to.)

We are looking for casual shirts, casual pants that could double as work pants, dresses, skirts and light jackets. Please make sure everything is clean, no pet hair, smells good, no holes and are a size 24 or larger. (Teresa has several ideas for how to get these clothes to women size 24 and larger that really need it.)  Like Teresa said, and this is true for me, too. “It’s not like I can just hop over to Target and shop for an entire new wardrobe.”

If you want to ship it to us here, this is the correct address:  Curvy Girl, 2990 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95124   Please mark on the outside of it “Donations for Houston.”  We will ship it off to Teresa asap.

So much love to Teresa for this idea.  She is a super generous goddess.  Thanks to all of you for your help and support to. I cannot even begin to imagine how everyone in Houston in surviving this. So much loss… homes, memories, photos, clothes, cars, computers an sadly, some lives, too.







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