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How I Deal with the Haters and Trolls : Video

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on July 07 2017

This is a 5 minute live video I did on our Curvy Girl Facebook page about how I deal with the haters. I talk about empathy, compassion and how I really do not care I give some random guy a boner.

And, I am so sorry the lens on my camera was all smudged. Someone very sweetly said it looks like a halo. awwwwwe.

I also touch on the fact that there are a quite a few people who have some serious disdain for fat, happy people.  They are upset we are not obsessed with thinness and that we are going about our days without stressing about counting calories or worrying about how much we exercised.  They are upset that we are not all devotee’s to the Diet / Weight Loss Surgery Industrial Complex so they spew their hate.

I like to tell them to kiss the fattest part of my fat ass. You may love to exercise and you may love to sit on your couch. Either way you deserve love, dignity, respect and hot sex!




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