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Fat, Sexy Bodies In The Media – it’s about time!

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on October 14 2014

Jeanette in best seller satin chemiseCurvy Girl Lingerie Hosts Cover Girl Photo Project

Curvy Girl Lingerie Shows Women are Sexy at Any Size

San Jose, CA (October 14, 2014) – Curvy Girl Lingerie, the first plus-size lingerie store in the country, is showing women that they can be sexy at any size through its brand new Cover Girl Photo Project. Instead of photos of professional models, Curvy Girl will post pictures of ‘regular’ women in their lingerie, giving website visitors and social media followers genuine examples of curvy beauty, in addition to more realistic representations of how the store’s merchandise may look on them. At least a dozen of the photos will also be used to create an exclusive ‘Sexy at Any Size’ calendar.

“We want to have ALL women represented on our website,” explained Curvy Girl’s owner, Chrystal Bougon. “We will be doing MANY more photo shoots with many more curvy women; we want to see ALL races, ethnicity, age and abilities represented on our website and our social media properties.”

Bougon strongly believes that all bodies are beautiful, and her campaign to embrace sexy at any size is empowering other women. Since beginning this campaign, she’s received feedback from plus-size women excited ‘regular’ models that look just like them are finally proving you can be large and beautiful, and that Curvy Girl is showing everyone that sexy women come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

“I think it’s HIGH TIME the world sees how beautiful and desirable fat, curvy women are too,” said Bougon. “After all, you can be sexy at any size.”

Find out more about Curvy Girl’s Cover Girl Photo Project at

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Is it important to you to see more SEXY, CURVY bodies?  If it is and you can afford to donate $5 to $10 to our campaign, we are working hard to replace all of the professional models on our website with pictures of our customers in our sexy lingerie.  Here is more info on our project :


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