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Do you know about our Curvy Girl speakeasy?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on July 22 2013

curvy-girl-lingerieSo you know we are a lingerie store dedicated to lingerie for Curvy Women size 12/14 and up.  And you know I sell sex toys via my Bliss Pleasure Parties and via our online store Bliss.  However, the two are NOT supposed to meet.

But, it’s so tricky keeping it all separate because I have so many friends, fans and customers who know I have been selling sex toys since 2003.

We are NOT a sex toy store. And, we are not allowed to have sex toys on display. But, we do keep all of our inventory here in our back room. (All of our pleasure party consultants come here before their parties to take their sex toy consignment with them to their party. So we have it all stocked up in the back storage room.)

We now also have a little bit of a “speakeasy” here – in the black armoire- which is in the back of the store. (See the picture.)  We keep it closed and we ask that customers ask for assistance before you open the cabinet and look around. We really do NOT want to offend any of our other customers in the store. And, we really do not want to break any zoning rules. We like our location and don’t want to get kicked out!

We also have an iPad set up at the store near the cash register so you are also always welcome to browse our online store while you are here. And, if we don’t stock the item, we can have it to your house or here usually in 24 to 48 hours. So feel free to come browse our online sex toy store.

We invite you to ask any of our employees about our speakeasy. But, for the most part, if you want a lot of detailed information about the toys, you will need to wait until I am here. You can always call ahead and see if I am in. 408-264-4227 and I am also happy to answer questions via email or Facemail.

Thanks so much! I sometimes think about having a location where we could put toys on display – but the problem with that is that if we did have sex toys out everywhere – some people would NEVER shop here. It’s already so difficult getting curvy girls to come and shop here – I think it would be more difficult if there were rabbits and beavers and dolphins strewn around the store. You know what I mean… we are VERY busy. But, some people would just never shop here if it was a sex toy store.

Thanks so much for all of your support!

Sincerelyr, Chrystal Bougon



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