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Do you have a fire in your panties or are you just happy to see me?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on June 12 2013

curvy-girl-lingerieIf your thighs touch, you likely know what I am talking about. I call it “chub rub” and it happens when women with chubby thighs wear dresses or skirts and do a lot of walking or dancing.  Because our thighs touch, when we walk a lot, as the inner thighs rub against each other they can get very dry and start to chafe. If you walk a long ways for a long time, it actually feels like there is a FIRE between your legs. And not like in a good way.  Gives fire crotch a whole new meaning. (And with this lube, a tiny drop goes a long ways!)

$32 for 100 ml of Eros Pjur Bodyglide Lube (Pay via MC, Visa or Paypal or call the store to pay by phone. 408-264-4227. We also carry it at our store.)

Some of you know I have been in the business of selling sex toys for the past 10 years via my online store and doing home pleasure parties all over the San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, I have done a lot of research on various lubricants and I came across the Pjur Eros Silicone Bodyglide about 8 years ago and I fell in love. (I use to think I hated lube. Most lubes suck, get dry, get sticky, make me itch or burn my vagina and clitoris.)  But, someone very wise introduced me to the Pjur Eros bodyglide and I fell in love with it!

The Eros lube is great for sex. Yes! That is what it’s for. It’s great for hand jobs, vaginal sex, melon balling and also (though no one ever admits to having anal sex) it’s the best lube ever for anal sex. On top of all of that yummy goodness – it also works great for the inner thigh CHUB RUB. The Pjur Eros silicone lube is the only lube I have ever tried that NEVER gets sticky or dry. EVER. It just keeps going and going and going.

One day, when I was heading to Vegas for a trade show I had this idea to try using it on my inner thighs to keep my thighs silky smooth and to cut down on the fire that is often created when I walk a lot and am wearing a skirt.  (It’s Vegas. It’s hot. It’s dry. I am wearing a skirt, dammit!) So, I applied some to my chubby thighs and was on my way.  (It’s a great skin moisturizer and makes your skin look amazing.  Body art, as well.)  I was so excited to test it out. It helps I was walking around a sex toy trade show.

I did not start a fire in my crotch. What a nice surprise. And, I never had to reapply. That is one of the beauties of the silicone lube. It never gets dry or stick. EVER. It is so pure. It has no fragrance, no flavors, no preservatives and no parabens. (And all of those missing ingredients are also why it is so female friendly and so great for love making.)  I wrote a blog called 15 Reasons We Love the Eros Lube at Bliss. I rave about it every change I get. And, if you are a curvy girl and have issues with CHUB RUB, you will love what it will do for your inner thighs. It’s good stuff. Very silky soft sensation you use it for love making or chub rub. It NEVER gets sticky. Never dries up in the middle of a “job” and it just keeps going and going. It’s also great for sexy under water. (Like in the shower or hot tub.)

You can buy it here on my blog or you can always buy it from my online store

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