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Did you hear Amanda Trusty ROAR? This video will bring tears to your eyes

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 20 2013


Hear Amanda ROAR!

I totally fell in love with Amanda Trusty’s “Roar” video when I saw it over the weekend. I saw someone share it in my Facebook feed and it caught my attention. I own the only plus size lingerie store in California (and only 1 of 2 in the entire country) and her message just hit me right between the eyes and hit me deep in my heart.

I immediately reached out to Amanda Trusty via Facebook to see if I could share her video, share it on my Curvy Girl blog and maybe even interview her some day soon. She told me I can share away and use my blog to share her video with my Curvy Girls! She was gracious and welcomed my Facebook friendship request. I just get way too excited when I see something this moving and that takes our Curvy Girl revolution forward!
With her permission, I am embedding her AMAZING video here to help spread the word!

I challenge you to NOT get misty eyed when you watch this. Watch her PEEL away the “cellulite” label and the “fat” label. Powerful and moving.

Amanda Trusty has a blog here. And here is the link to Amanda’s You Tube channel. You can also follow her on Twitter @queenbeetrusty  and find her Facebook page too – it’s

The Huffington Post even shared her story and video on their blog here:

You know how I keep saying the “Curvy Girl Revolution will be Televised”… this is what I mean! You GO Amanda. Show the world how it’s done!

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