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Curvy Girl Sensual Bed Lap Dance Sept 9th at 7 pm

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 15 2017

Calling all you sexy Curvy Girls who want to take a class with us at the Bay Area’s most gorgeous Pole Dance Studio, Sedusa Studios in Campbell. (On the border of Los Gatos.)  Saturday, Sept. 9th at 7pm

We are going to learn how to give our lover (or lovers) a very sexy and sensual bed lap dance and the cost is just $35. We will take lots of selfies and fun pics and post on our IG and FB pages (if you want to opt out of the pics you can) and show the world that #fatgirlscan get down. (Again, if you cannot be seen dancing in a pole dancing studio on social media, we get it. You can opt out of being in the photos that night, but we do want to show that #fatgirlscan and do!)

If you are inclined, you can dress sexy or comfy – which ever makes you feel most empowered. Some people like to show up in garters and lingerie. Others like to wear yoga pants. I will make sure there is some wine and light snacks for us, too.

The class will be 90 minutes and will start with getting everyone centered in your own sexiness. I strongly feel what all bodies can create all kinds of pleasure and sexiness and sometimes we need to take some time to enjoy all of the softness and pleasure our bodies can create! For some of us, when we get in touch with how much pleasure our bodies can create, it can help us to fall in love with our bodies. (Like my Curvy Girl 21 Day Challenge where I challenge my friends to masturbate 21 day sin a row. It helps. I PROMISE!)

$35 and this is non-refundable, but you can replace yourself if you cannot make it that night for some reason.  Click on the BUY NOW button and you can pay via Paypal or scroll down a bit and there is an option to pay with your major credit card.   (If you cannot get the button to work, you can use this link instead  )


Women and feminine people who identify outside of the binary  are invited to attend on Sept. 9th.It will be from 7pm to 8:30 and once you pay, I will send you the final details.We will not be learning pole dancing, but you are always invited to go back to Sedusa to take a pole class with one of their instructors.  Sedusa is all about dance and they are very welcoming to all bodies at Sedusa.Have you signed up to be a Curvy Girl Insider? Text us the word curvygirl to 22828.



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