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Curvy Girl’s Best Selling Chemise – Buy here on our blog

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on January 01 2013


Curvy Girl Lingerie Best Selling Chemise

Yes, this is by far our best selling lingerie item at Curvy Girl Lingerie. In our first three months of business, we have ordered 10 – 15 a week and they all fly right out of the store! It’s because it looks great on so many curvy body types and it hides what we want to hide and it shows off what we want to show off. Hooray! (Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with our Curvy Girl events and new lingerie.)

Silky Sexy Chemise 20295

I wish you could all FEEL how super soft this chemise is. I think maybe that is why women buy it almost any time they try it on. They call the material “stretch knit with lace trim” and it’s just so silky soft. They type of material it is does so much to smooth out all of your curves. I always say that it’s fabulous for the person wearing it and for the person cuddling next to her. It’s a WIN WIN. It’s just silky and slinky and soft. (Also washes in the washing machine fabulously. I hang dry it to keep it’s shape. And then toss it in the dryer just for a minute or two to freshen it up.)

It comes in black and pink or leopard as seen below. We love the little cut-out under the ribbon “corset style” lace up… though I have heard some women cover it with a bit of netting or something sheer. And it does provide a little bit of support, too. It does have some soft under wires and the straps are adjustable. It has a fit that is cut to flatter with a little bit of a flare at the hem.


Curvy Girl Leopard chemise

You can now buy it here on my blog. I want to just make sure your expectations are set correctly here before you buy it, though.  We are a brick and mortar store and we are new at this. So, I am still figuring out the ordering and the lingerie supplier’s antiquated systems for ordering and backordering. So, please give us a good 3 weeks to get this to you. Now, we may be able to beat that, but I just don’t want anyone disappointed. And, because we are stuck at the store all day long, shipping stuff is not super easy. But, we will figure it out.

Here is how the manufacturer suggests you consider the sizing: (It fits pretty true to size and also works pretty well for you super busty and well endowed Curvy Girls.)

1x = size 18, 2x = 20, 3x = 22, 4x = 24, 5x = 26, 6x = 28

You can buy the black or leopard chemise here. You can use your ccard or your paypal account. You can also mail a check to us if you want. It sells for $70 at the store but need to add $6.95 for shipping via USPS. (If you are in CA, we will pay the tax for you.)

Silky Sexy Chemise 20295

If you are in the San Jose area, come check out our store. Curvy Girl Lingerie, 1535 Meridian Ave, Ste. 30, San Jose, CA 95124 or give us a call at 408-264-4227
Sincerely, Chrystal


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