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Curvy Girl on the Radio in Canada! 89.5 FM on CIUT

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on May 07 2013

plus-size-lingerie Sex City radio in Canada is interviewing me about the article I wrote called “7 Sex Toys that Work Great for Curvy Girls.”  is their blog and if you want to tune in and listen live, I will be on around 8:45 pm Pacific Time this Tuesday night the 7th. You can tune is and hear us live using the link here and choose the best option for you: They are in Toronto and it’s the University of Toronto station.

Dorianne from CIUT saw my article and emailed me the next day to offer to interview me. She said she had never seen anything written on the topic and that she is a plus size woman and “so I love to celebrate the sexiness of fat/plus-size/curvy people!”  Yaaaa – can you say kindred spirits?

So tune in live if you can. If not, we will have a podcast available, in a few days.

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