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Curvy Girl Lingerie – voucher for $40

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on January 25 2013

curvy-girl-lingerieHi there.  Some of you know I was considering doing a Groupon for Curvy Girl Lingerie. I thought it sounded like a great idea to introduce my brand new store to a whole bunch of people who might not ever know about Curvy Girl. And, I thought it sounded like a very cool way to do something really generous for all of you LOYALS that have kept us hopping these 3.5 months we have been open so far. But, they were pressuring me to run it before Valentine’s Day – and well – that freaked me out a bit.

The reason that freaked me out is because I do not want to compromise my business and the service that all of YOU loyal customers expect. I am sure you all be keeping us  super busy leading up to Valentine’s Day so it was something I thought would do Feb. 15th and after. But, they just would not even listen to my thought process. (For one thing, it takes SO LONG for my lingerie suppliers to get me new inventory. I basically have to always have two orders in with them like 4 weeks ahead of time because my lingerie and panty suppliers work like it’s 1998.) After going back and forth with them and me explaining how I do not want to piss off my loyals and I do not want to sacrafice the very personal service we are able to give to all of our customers – they told me they were no longer interested and they would not run it after Valentine’s Day.

Well FINE then! I am running my own, Mr. Groupon. I would say that Mr. Groupon could kiss my fat a&&, but that would just be disrespectful, so I will save that for another blog. Here is the Curvy Girl voucher. Since I already have an eCommerce site, it’s simple! Just hop over to my Bliss page and basically, you spend $20 for a $40 voucher. Now some of you may not know that I also sell sex toys. And, I have been for 10 years now. So, this page does have images of sex toys on it – so if that offends you – please do not hope over to that page. And, my Bliss page is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Now, if that makes you uncomfortable at all, I also have a Curvy Girl Lingerie YELP deal, too. The YELP deal is $10 for $20 worth of merchandise.

Now, you will need to print out the special voucher and we will need the printed copy at the store to give you your $40 worth of merchandise. The voucher never expires, but for us to be able to honor it, we will need a hard copy. NO cell phone copies. Thanks.

So this is a special gift to each of you who have told your friends and given out our cards and have shouted from your rooftops. I am so grateful to each of you. We still have a lot of curvy women to reach, but we’re getting there! Happy shopping!

If you have never been to our store, stop by! WE are in Willow Glen on Meridian Ave between the Three Flames and Rookies Sports Lodge at 1535 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA 95125 and you can like us on Facebook, too.


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