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Curvy Girl Lingerie’s official “Hot Mom” rebuttal

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 26 2013


Well, since so many “news” outlets are running stories about the “Hot Mom” and her position on our Curvy Girl Lingerie “unphotoshopped, regular woman” campaign, I thought I would give you all an official statement.  (Only one of you even asked for one officially from me – thank you Beth Greenfield :–hot-mom-in-trouble-on-facebook-again-210127745.html )

So, here is the story as I know it from my side of things. Once our “unphotoshopped, regular woman campaign” went viral thanks to the Huffington Post sharing our story, it brought out a bunch of fat shamers and concern trolls who were spewing hate all over the lovely pictures of the beautiful women sharing their photos and selfies. We also received over 300 comments on our blog and many of them were soul sucking and mean and obviously full of some deep deep self hatred by these asshole commenters.

(Huffington Post story from last week: )

So, I started banning and blacklisting these commenters. I had no idea one of them was this Maria Kang who had her 15 minutes of fame with her “Hot Mom” story. I was just deleting and banning the haters.

When I saw Maria’s comment on my Facebook page, I deleted it. Banned her and reported her comment as hate speech. Then Facebook did their thing. Then Maria Kang wrote a blog about it and it turned into news.

I stand by by ban. I stand by the fact that it was indeed “hate speech” since my facebook page is all about celebrating all bodies and all women. My page is empowering and suggesting that people open their minds and realize there is no such thing as a bad body. ALL women deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. We love and celebrate all women at Curvy Girl.  And, I stand by my comment to “Fuck off, dear stranger” because you CANNOT ever tell someone’s fitness level, glucose levels, blood pressure numbers or cholesterol levels by viewing their photograph on the internet. If your comments are not in alignment with our mission, then I have the right to ban you and delete you.

All us Curvy women want is to STOP being judged. We want to come out from the shadows and claim our beauty and sexiness. We want all women to LIFT each other up and not bring each other down.

I feel sorry for anyone who cannot see the beauty of these women sharing their selfied and their unphotoshopped pictures. I, for one, try to see joy and beauty in every one and every thing. I suggest everyone try that. STOP BUYING what the MEDIA IS SELLING when it comes to the standards of beauty.

Stop worrying about my Curvy Girls’ health. EVEN if every single of of these curvy women are sick with diabetes or whatever these people assume – they still deserve to feel sexy and beautiful.

We just want our one little sliver of cyber space with out any cyber bullies. So, I will continue to ban and black list anyone who spews their small minded hate on MY blog or MY facebook page.

End Rant!

More to Love, Chrystal Bougon   Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

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