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Curvy Girl Lingerie Cover Girl Project: Why is this Important?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on October 06 2014

Why is our Curvy Girl Cover Girl Project so important? BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT TIME PLUS SIZE CURVY WOMEN ARE SHOWN AS SEXY & BEAUTIFUL! Well, there are a million reasons, actually! Here are a few! (See below this gorgeous pic of these f&ckingABeautiful Goddesses! )  Want to contribute to this project? Here is our GoFundMe.


Curvy Girl Lingerie Cover Girl Campaign

We want to have ALL women represented on our website.  And, we will be doing MANY more photo shoots with many more Curvy women and we want to see ALL races, ethnicity, age and abilities represented on our website and our social media properties.  (See this blog for how you can participate and send in a photo if you are not in San Jose, where our boutique is.)

Here is what our customers and social media likers and friends have to say about WHY our Curvy Girl Lingerie Cover Girl campaign is so important!

Lisa M says:  “It’s important if not crucial because some women (like myself) have big tummies that we’re conscious of. And it’s nice to see women more similiarly shaped to us represented somewhere. ”

Elizabeth N says: “Because we need to break the cycle of forcing women to fit the size 0 mold that is expected for most models. Plus size ladies need to be represented, and not just by the clothing label. We need the opportunity to be ourselves & to feel just as beautiful. Why shouldn’t we be able to flaunt our bodies without shame & judgment? We are just as fabulous, just as sexy, just as smart, & just as desirable as anyone else. It’s about time we let the world know it.”

Faith O says : “I like to be able to know if an item will look good on me and also if it will look good on my friends. Having multiple plus sized models raging from size 12-28 gives me that option because while I’m a 24/26 I have friends who are size 14 and 20 and I am able to give them recommendations. Plus it feels great to see extra curvy women like myself. ”

Rena C says:  “I believe Its pretty important to carry unique sizes in lingerie. Simply because society deems us unworthy of being beautiful. I myself am a size 20 and I can’t walk into a Victoria secret to get a bra and panty set for my date night, because I’m unique. Society likes to shun us, so we need to have a place where we can be beautiful, where we can shop like every other person in the world and not feel like we’re freaks. As confident as I am, I would rather shop in a place where I’m not judged, where I can get something to wear to go to a date and feel even more sexy then normal. It isn’t just important, its a NECESSITY to have shots like this. To make women like me feel as beautiful as we are always.”


And Heidi S has a great point:  “We wouldn’t expect a store that caters to those under size 10 to have their clothes modeled by a size 24. Why is it the norm/acceptable to have models under size 10 representing clothes advertised/designed for larger sizes? In both cases it should be the smallest, medium, and largest sizes available that are shown.”

You get the point.  I have had some push back and some people have emailed me to say it may not be a good idea for my business to show women who are “lumpy.” And, they have gone on to say maybe I should not use women who are “too fat.”  And, you know what they say about opinions and assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink! So, I am going with my instinct here. I think the professional model images are simply gorgeous, but most of my customers and I do not look like those professional models. We look like these models in the image I added to this blog post. And, I think it’s HIGH TIME the world sees how beautiful and sexy fat, curvy women are, too.

I would love your feedback.  What do you think? Great idea or not so much?

You can comment here or on my Facebook page   :   CURVY GIRL FACEBOOK 



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