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Curvy Girl Holiday Hours 2012

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on December 13 2012

curvy-girl-holiday-hoursCurvy Girl Lingerie Holiday Hours 2012

I wanted to make sure we were clear with our holiday hours for this Christmas and New Year’s season. So I am going to spell it all out here for you!

Dec. 14th  12 to 7pm  Friday

Dec. 15th 11 to 5pm  Saturday

Dec. 16th 12 to 5pm  Sunday

Dec. 17th (Private Bliss shopping event. 1 to 7. You must RSVP to attend.)

Dec. 18th. 12 to 8pm  Tuesday

Dec. 19th 12 to 8pm  Wednesday

Dec. 20th 12 to 8pm  Thursday

Dec. 21st. 12 to 7pm (We are doing a private pleasure party here at 7. Closed to the public.)

Dec. 22nd  11 to 5pm  Saturday

Dec. 23rd  12 to 5pm  Sunday

Dec. 24th OPEN 12 to 5pm  Monday

Dec. 25th CLOSED  Christmas Day

Dec. 26th  12 to 7pm  Wednesday

Dec. 27th  12 to 7pm  Thursday

Dec. 28th  12 to 7pm (We have a private Bliss pleasure party booked in the evening.)

Dec. 29th  12 to 5

Dec. 30th 12 to 5

Dec. 31st  CLOSED

Have any questions? Give us a call at 408-264-4227 or email Chrystal at


Chrystal Bougon


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