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Curvy Girl Flash Mob Sept. 20th at Curvy Girl

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 20 2014


Curvy Girl Flash Mob Sept. 20th

We’re having a P.A.R.T.Y. on Sept. 20th at our store Curvy Girl Lingerie. We want to have a big party and flash mob at our store with a bunch of our friends and customers for a big huge GROUP photo. And, the reason we are doing this is to attract Oprah’s attention! (More info on my blog here about Oprah’s tour and visit to San Jose.)

Yup, I said OPRAH.  She and her tour will be in town in early November at the S.A.P. center and she will literally be 3.6 miles from our store.  And, our store is the 1st Plus Size Lingerie store in the country and 1 of 2 in the entire U.S.!

I think Oprah would LOVE our “Sexy is for Every Body” message and would adore our Curvy Girl Community. We want to Oprah and her producers to see the most amazing fat / thick / curvy / plush women LIVIGN OUT LOUD. Fat and proud and NOT HIDING any longer. Fat, sexy women who are shameless and proud. Curvy women who are comfortable standing in their sexiness and ignoring all of the fat shamers and concern trolls.

Let’s rock this Curvy Girls.

Here is the Facebook event link if you want to go there and RSVP and please share this blog or our F.B. event so we can get the word out to the Big ol’ Curvy World!

I hope you will join us. Everyone is welcome. You can be fat, thin, thick, atletic, curvy… basically just own a body. We would love for our allies to join us on Sept. 20th, too.

We will have a photographer there to record the event and take some pictures of all of our lovely supporters.

Share the love and tell your friends.

Thank you.

Chrystal Bougon


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