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Curvy Girl Documentary and Why I Decided to Turn Them Down

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on March 12 2015

Curvy Girl Lingerie Documentary

Curvy Girl Lingerie Documentary

Some of you have been following along and may have read that a British production company reached out to me in February and asked if they could come and film a documentary all about Curvy Girl.  They were interested in our story and how we came to be.  They realized that there are very very few businesses that cater to people of size and they wanted to highlight my boutique as one of the businesses they are going to feature in this series of documentaries.

We were pretty much all set to have them come and film here on March 21st through the 24th. I had all kind of fun stuff planned. We talked about a mini fashion show here at the store or a “burlesque” style cocktail party.  They wanted to interview me and how I got the idea to open Curvy Girl and the process for making it all happen.

I did my research and looked up the people involved and their past work and was/am seriously impressed. I was apprehensive at first, but got more and more excited about the prospect once I did all of my due diligence.  I told them over and over that I could not be involved in anything that was in any way degrading or shaming in any way. And, the reiterated to me over and over that they understood and did not want to shame anyone. This was all going to be more “documentary” style and mostly about the business side of my boutique and my customers. Not “OMG GLORIFYING OBESITY.”  No shaming. No making fat people look ridiculous. And, I believed them. (And, honestly I still do believe our episode would have been very empowering and positive. Possibly the entire series will be very uplifting and empowering.)

Then, I got the contract and saw the title they are using and it totally took my breath away. The title, in my point of view, is in extreme poor taste and very “link bait-esque”.  Extremely sensationalistic to get viewers to watch the spectacle, kind of title. And, I let them know, in a very professional way, that I could not be associated with a show with that name. I even suggested some cool names. (Fat Bottom Line, for example.   )

I do not want to slander the group or the show, because I know it will air and it will be successful and I wish them all of the best. So, I am not going to name the title, but I am sure in a few months, you will all figure it out.  It was a great experience working with their team and I wish them nothing but big success with their show and the various episodes. Their production team is loaded with very accomplished and bright filmmakers.

I am sure being involved would have been great for my online business and would have gotten us some great publicity here locally in San Jose and on all of the social media platforms.  But, after some soul searching, I decided I just could not be associated with that word / title and that brand. I did not want to associate with a word that is thought to be very cheap and derogatory to people of size.

So, I am going to live with my decision and one day, I am sure there will be a documentary made or we will get our Curvy Girl T.V. Show made where I get to be in charge of the TITLE and the EDITING!

Just wanted you all to know what is going on. For those of you who volunteered to come and help out while they were going to be filming, I am so grateful. And, I am always grateful to each of you for all of your likes, shares, comments, blog love and all of the other love you send my way.


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Love and big curvy hugs,  Chrystal

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl

Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, CA




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