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Curvy Girl Cyber Monday Sale – 3 unique and sexy offers

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on December 01 2013


Free Silver Bullet

Hi there:

I thought we would have some fun with some Cyber deals this Cyber Monday. I have three offers for you and each of them could improve your sex life in a big way! Choose the one that sounds best to you and your lover.

The first is the coupon code cyberbullet.  When you shop our online store, and spend $55 or more, use the code  cyberbullet and receive a $10 off your purchase and get a free silver bullet vibrator with your shipment. You may know how much I LOVE the silver bullet. I mean, there are sex toys out there that are MUCH better, but everyone can use a bullet. (Even if it’s just a back up toy.) It’s a great toy to use alone or a great partner toy, too.


Tickle His Pickle

One of my all time favorite books is called “Tickle His Pickle” by Dr. Sadie Allison. This book includes oral sex tips, 30 says to give a hand job, how to make him taste better, how to manscape together, positions, tips for how not to relax our gag reflex and the drawings are the best! So, same deal. Spend $55 or more and get $10 off and a free copy of Tickle His Pickle with your shipment. The code is cybertickle.  I love all of Dr. Sadie’s books, but this one is so awesome. Easy to understand tips and drawings. I
always say that it has “real things that real people would really do.”  Use the code cybertickle if you would like the free book with your $55 purchase.  $10 off, too. Our website is

Lastly, you can use our code cyberdesire for $10 off your purchase of $55 or more and a free bottle of the arousal cream we sell called Nympho’s Desire. You will often hear me talk about this arousal cream for women at our plus size lingerie store and at our home pleasure parties as being like “jumper cables for our clitoris and your brain.” I suggest a small drop, like the size of a pearl, on your finger and then rub it all over your clitoris for what is sort of like an altoid kiss sensation. It helps to engorge the clitoris with blood and helps you to feel more in the mood and may help you have a climax more easily.


Nymphos Desire Arousal Cream

We find about 80% of women who try it LOVE it. About 10% don’t like it at all and approximately the other 10% don’t feel anything at all. It’s edible, so safe for oral sex. And, when it’s on your clitoris, it’s warm and cool. Then your partner’s mouth is warm and their breath is cool and it really can intensify oral sex. If you want to try it and get your $10 off, use the code cyberdesire on our website on 12/2/2013  Cyber Monday.

Happy Shopping! Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon  Owner and Resident Curvy Girl at Curvy Girl Lingerie

Tel: 408-264-4227

Our plus size lingerie store is in San Jose

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