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Curvy Girl Amazon Influencer: I Created a Helpful List for Rad Fatties

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on October 31 2017

Hey friends,

Amazon invited me to become an Amazon Influencer and I filled my list with items that my friends, customers, followers, and likers have shared with me over the years.  (Plus my friend Jes Baker’s book “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” and you can pre-order her new book “Landwhale” are both on my list. Lots of my other favorite books from rad fatties, too.)

Do you find it difficult to “wipe” when you are in an airplane restroom? They are so tiny and not a lot of room to move around. Well, my friend Dana told me about this hand held

bidet that comes with a nice carrying case that you can bring with you on the airplane and spray the water in the hand held bidet on the important body parts! How cool is that?

I have another customer who has a disability related to her shoulders and her back and she told me about something called the Freedom Wand that allows anyone who needs a little bit of extra

help to clean up in the restroom.  I included the Freedom Wand on my list, too!

This is the URL for my Amazon Influencer Page: 

Do you need some extenders for your next airline flight? I added them.  Did you know you can also get seat belt extenders for your car, too?  I put one on my list, but you really should go to Amazon to get an extender for your model car you have.

Have you ever been able to find an extra wide lawn chair for tailgate parties? I put one on my list here.

I am not really sure what else I will add.  Maybe some of my favorite things like my Instant Pot.  And, I truly do not know which items I get an affiliate commission for, yet.  I am not sure if I have to choose certain items and those are the ones I get a commission for.  Or, maybe I get a commission for every item I put on my list.  I will try to figure it out for ya’ll so I can be transparent. But, honestly I did not really create this to get rich. (Ha, right! I so wish!)  But, more like a cool place to put links to all of these items in one place as a great resource page for rad fatties.

Of course, I always recommend our website for your lingerie and romance toy needs, but we are not on Amazon . Our site is Curvy Girl Lingerie, here. Our sizes are 12/14 to size 28.

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