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Curvy Girl 21 Day Challenge: Let’s learn to love our bodies together

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 15 2013


Curvy Girl 21 Day Challenge

So they say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. I have a 21 day challenge for all of you curvy women who tell me that you have a hard time LOVING your body – despite how many times I tell you that you are beautiful and perfect RIGHT NOW! TODAY!RIGHT AT THIS VERY SECOND! NOT IN 10 LBS FROM NOW! (Ok, I will stop yelling with my ALL CAPS now.) It’s just that I am so passionate about this and I do not want you wasting another day not enjoying all of the pleasure and joy your body can bring you.

People ask me all of the time how I came to love my body and how I have so much confidence. I have to tell you I have my bad days, too. For me, my dip in confidence is usually about 1 week before my cycle starts. The really good news for me is that it makes it predictable for me so I can anticipate when it’s coming and I can SHUT down my inner mean girl right away.  (Here is a cool article I was included in about 8 Secrets from 8 Curvy Girls and how we came to lover our bodies.)

The Curvy Girl 21 Day Challenge is to incentivize you to give yourself some LOVE every day. And, when I say LOVE I mean SELF LOVE. Yes, that’s right. I want you to masturbate 21 days in a row. Love yourself to LOVE yourself.

Now, you may be reading this and thinking to yourself – Chrystal – you have lost your mind! But here is my logic… so stick with me here. When I was about 24 I came to really appreciate how much pleasure my body was capable of. It gave me such a new perspective on my fat body. ( I have been overweight since the 3rd grade. I am 45 now. Still curvy!)

If we all can see how much GOOD our bodies can do and how GOOD our bodies can make us feel – maybe we will all come to appreciate our “imperfect” bodies more. (And, I put “imperfect” into AIR QUOTES because F*ck anyone who says are bodies are imperfect. But, I know that is how some of your brains work). We have been buying what the media is selling and we believe because our bodies are NOT perfect because we are do not have a 6 pack and we do not have Michelle Obama toned arms.

But, if you create a daily habit of touching your body and giving yourself an orgasm, I believe you will become less concerned with your stretch marks and your cellulite. You will start to TUNE IN to how good it feels to touch your nipples or tickle your inner thighs. You will enjoy how good it feels when your labia swells up with excitement and how wonderful it makes you feel when you get all of those endorphins from your orgasm.

And, just maybe, if you give yourself pleasure 21 days in a row you will fall in love with your body and how much pleasure it is capable of and you will stop obsessing about the lumps, bumps and what we have been conditioned to think of as IMPERFECTIONS. Maybe we will all have a love affair with our fat asses and our bellies and when we change our negative feelings about our own bodies and we stop the negative self talk – our friends and families will understand we will NEVER tolerate that kind of b.s. and we can KILL THEM WITH ENVY! If you are smiling EAR to EAR and FAT & SASSY – everyone will want to know your secret.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to take the Curvy Girl 21 Day challenge?  Are you ready to commit to knocking one out every single day for 21 days? You can do it in the shower, in your car, in your bed, in the tub, at work… where ever you can get 20 minutes of privacy and focus on LOVING your own beautiful curvy body.

LOVE yourself by LOVING yourself. Literally.


p.s. Guys – you can join us, too. But, I know most men are VERY comfortable masturbating daily so this may not be much of a challenge for you. I know that many men are masturbation NINJA’s and once you learn how to masturbate as a pre-teen – you don’t ever stop.  I wish more women would masturbate daily. It’s a fabulous way to get to know your own sexual response cycle, ladies! And it helps everyone to learn your own body and what you need to climax so you can share with your lover exactly what it is you like in bed.




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