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Calvin Klein’s new “plus” model – have you seen her?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on November 10 2014

Photo Credit: Style Has No Size

Photo Credit: Style Has No Size

What is Plus Size?  Have you seen the controversy about Calvin Klein’s new plus size model?

She is beautiful, like all models.  And, Calvin Klein is calling her their new “plus-size” model. She is reported to be somewhere between a size 10 and a size 8. And, sadly, she is probably a GIANT compared to the other high fashion models which are typicall a size 0 or a size 2. Has Calvin Klein and their people done any market research at all about the sizes women wear these days? They must have the data readily available to them! It’s like they are just ignoring the FACTS.  (Here is just one story about women’s sizes … it just takes a little googling to find all kind of stories and data about the majority of American women wearing a size 14 or larger.)

But, man, what a disservice this does to all of us beautiful women size 12 and above. I really respect the idea of a designer expanding their range of clothes the plan to offer and the models they use to feature their high fashion clothes….. but REALLY, Calvin Klein?  There are so many hard working plus size models out there… and you go with this woman to represent your foray into plus size fashion?

Here is the original story I saw about this controversy on and here is another story about this controversy from the NY Times, too.

It’s just so effing disappointing and disheartening to see how freaking OUT OF TOUCH the fashion world is.  It’s such a huge disconnect.  These people have their heads so far up their butts … do they not SEE us plus size humans walking down the street?  Do they not ever go out to a restaurant and see us plus size humans at their kids’ schools and at PTA meetings? These are some crazy enormous BLINDERS the fashion world has on. It’s just not cute anymore. (And be sure to read the article from where this image came from: )

Plus size women have money to spend on clothes and fashion and we are so under served when it comes to clothes, shoes, lingerie and every other kind of fashion and service you can imagine.  It’s just like we don’t even effing exist to people like the idiots at Calvin Klein. Not knocking their model Mayla Dalbesio – she is just a victim of circumstance.  But, holy crap people…. what kind of message is Calvin Klein and all of the other high fashion designers sending to women and young girls about what plus size is?  Size 10 is plus size? Give me a freaking break. PLEASE!

Can a fat girl catch a break? Plus size bodies are beautiful, too, and we deserve and DEMAND representation. And companies like Calvin Klein need to get with the program and get a clue. It’s not 1972 any more, ya know?

What do you all have to say about this bullshit? What would you like to say to Calvin Klein?

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