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Body Love Resources : Body Love Conference Contributors

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on April 15 2014


Body Love

I wanted to share with you an amazing list of BODY LOVE warriors and all of their contact information. I met most of these sheroes via the Body Love Conference in Tucson this past weekend that took place at the University of Arizona.  It was a day and weekend so full of so much BODY ACCEPTANCE.  An amazing collection of humans that teach us how to LOVE our bodies, how to trust our bodies and how to celebrate our bodies…. and I do mean ALL bodies.  Skinny, fat, thick, athletic, gay, straight, bisexual, physically challenged, able bodied and very other kind of body you could imagine were celebrated and supported at the Body Love Conference!


Jes Baker, The Militant Baker

Let’s start first with the creator and queen bee of the Body Love Conference, Jes Baker, also known as The Militant Baker. Jes is a body acceptance bad ass and she pulled this amazing event together with a crazy, smart and sexy team of bad ass women. I am so in awe of their organizational skills. The whole event of around 400 people happened seamlessly and they brought together such a strong group of presenters. KUDOS Jes. You changed the world …. you definitely changed me. Follow Jes on Twitter here: @militant_baker

The keynote was from Tess Munster, the creator of the Eff Your Beauty Standards movement. You can find Tess on her own website or you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook as  #effyourbeautystandards  Tess also has an awesome Instagram page with 17K + Followers.


Tess Munster  to find Tess on Instagram. (We are pretty new at it, but Curvy Girl Lingerie is also on Instagram. )

I did get to go to a few of the presentations after I completed my presentation about “Hot Sex and the Curvy Girl” (which you can read more about here on my blog where I summarized my presentation.)

There were so many amazing presenters and educators, I put a list together here of most of them. I will continue to add to this Body Love Conference Resource List as I get new contacts to add here. I hope this list is HELPFUL and a great resource to our readers and customers.

Body Love Conference Resources / Presenters

Thanks everyone and I would like to keep this going, so if I missed any of the #blc presenters or you have any thing to add about how the conference was for you, please share here in the comments section.

Here’s to RADICAL BODY LOVE for all!

Chrystal Bougon

Resident Curvy Girl / Owner Curvy Girl Lingerie


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