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BFD: I’m Overweight and My Boyfriend is Not by Gloria Shuri Nava

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on June 18 2013

Haters gonna hate but LOVE CONQUERS ALL!  Why would it bother ANYONE when people find love? I have no idea, but apparently it does bother some people when two people like this adorable couple find each other and fall in love. (He is thin. She is overweight. BIG WHOOP!) Check out her video here. You will instantly figure out why he fell in love with her!

I have no flipping idea why some people are so miserable and full of self hate. I try really hard to extend those douchey types some grace, but seriously… LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

If you have not yet met Gloria Shury Nava, let me introduce you to this wonder woman. Her name is Gloria and her friend Lori wrote this amazing article about her and her boyfriend. It’s a beautiful love story and that is what really stands out to me. But, to some people it’s SO HARD TO BELIEVE that this attractive young man is attracted to this beautiful curvy woman.

Here is the article that created so much buzz today. And she is from San Jose, too! The article is called “I’m Overweight, And My Boyfriend’s Not. Big Freaking Deal” on Yahoo.

Gloria has a huge following already. She has this awesome You Tube channel that she manages FULL TIME and she has been on shows like Ellen and I think the George Lopez show, too. Her You Tube channel is called “The Beauty Adjustment Collaboration” and she has all kinds of funny and entertaining videos on her page and this is the link :

If you want to go and give her some support and social media love, go and subscribe to her and / or like her on Facebook at and tell her Chrystal from Curvy Girl sent you and let her know how much she inspired you, too!

Blessings, Gloria. You are an inspiration to many and way to be bold and brave and put a voice to this. Blissfully, Chrystal

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