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“Because You’re Fat!” Great Punchline from a Doctor

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on September 14 2015

dr ken fat shamingIf you are a curvy, thick, fat person I can almost guarantee that there have been times when you paused when you knew you needed to see a physician. Am I Right?  Even if you had something like an ingrown toe nail, sore throat or the flu …. you maybe did not go to see your doctor or go to the urgent care because you KNOW the routine. Someone is likely going to BADGER you about your weight.  Even if you have a broken arm, the physician’s assistant, a nurse or the doctor herself is going to lean in to a big long lecture. We know this to be pretty much always true. I know you have all probably had one medical appointment that could bring tears to your eyes right this moment. It’s awful and it’s lacking in respect and basic human dignity. Because ya know, you’re fat. You are not human.

(I really wish someone would do some research on what might happen if fat people actually felt comfortable enough to go in for their annual wellness exam. I am pretty sure all of the STATISTICS that the anti fat people quote constantly would be so different if we actually felt comfortable enough to go and see our primary car physicians!)   (my blog on why sometimes the haters bring us together.)

Have you seen the commercials for the upcoming t.v. show “Dr. Ken” starring Ken Jeong, who happens to be a real doctor in real life? Well, hopefully you won’t have to see them because ABC and the production team at the “Dr. Ken” show were pressured into removing the FAT SHAMING portion of their pilot episode.

Inside Edition did a story about it. Here is a link to the info about ABC removing the shaming by the doctor in the pilot. This is on Inside Edition.

It’s been a good week or two in the “Pay Back is a Bitch” for the fat shamers  all over the media these past couple weeks. First #nicolearbour (Dear Fat People video) was fired from her movie job for her awful You Tube.  And, ABC actually paid attention to the push back and removed those ridiculously stupid jokes.  It’s not like the new show is going to be interesting or high brow.  It looks like it will be a bunch of stupid jokes.  One commercial had Ken Jeong talking into a woman’s spread legs while she was getting her PAP exam as he promoted the t.v. show to her vulva and vagina…. see where this is going?  Not like real sophisticated humor, so the cheap fat jokes were not too surprising.

When you hear me say things like “I am no longer going to ignore the shamers and haters” this is what I mean. I am pushing back. I am tired of being polite and silent when we get the concern trolls and the bullies on our website, facebook page, and blog. It’s time we are heard, too.

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