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Banned from Facebook again… for sharing this

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on August 12 2014

This time, it’s for 3 days.  That’s not bad. I have been banned in the past for 30 days, so I guess I should count my blessings.  I have been banned before. Recently a 1 day ban.  Last March a 3 day ban for a fishnet dress. (See the banned fishnet dress here. Oooooh. So naughty! NOT.)

The Militant Baker and Liora K Photography’s Expose “Shedding Light on Collective Beauty.” It’s so beautiful and brilliant – touching…. to see so many women NAKED and NAKED… baring their beautiful bodies and their soul. But someone decided to flag it. Likely a few people flagged it. And then Facebook banned me. PISSED OFF! This project is designed to create compassion and empathy and it’s so useful for women all over the planet to see all of these beautiful, confident and smiling women. MORE eyeballs need to see it – not less Facebook! I want to scream!


Liora K Photography and The Militant Baker Expose Project

Sometimes I think it has to do with the fact that I share pictures of fat women in lingerie or women who are NOT professional models. I am sure it sounds paranoid, but I have been banned like 6 times in the past 2 years since I created Curvy Girl.  Yet, I see pictures of complete and total nudity all over Facebook.  I see pictures of dogs that have been abused and I see horrific pictures from wars in other countries and pictures of women who are domestic violence survivors that are extremely graphic.  It does make one wonder – does Facebook have a fat bias?


Collective Beauty Expose : Liora K Photography and The Militant Baker

My guess is, yes, they probably do.  But, I think what is more likely is that since we were involved in the “Fit Mom vs. Curvy Girl” media controversy, we still have some lingering fat shamers who have like our page and they seem to LIVE to flag anything they can to make sure we get these little bans to disrupt our business. But, seriously, Facebook ban aside – take the time to jump over to the blog from The Militant Baker and Liora K Photography and check out all of the beautiful women. They are so raw and real and honest and just simply beautiful. It may change your life and your inner mean girl may learn to extend you some grace.

Hate to tell them, but all of that media coverage we received in November 2013 helped my business page  from by about 80,000 fans.

If you missed it, here is Curvy Girl Lingerie on Good Morning America

Curvy Girl on CNN with the Fit Mom :





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