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A man’s point of view. A response to why wear lingerie if it only stays on 30 seconds

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on April 01 2013

If you are not familiar with my blog about “Why wear lingerie if it only stays on for 30 seconds”, you can read it here in it’s original format. We have the most amazing and eye opening response from a gentleman who is apparently a neighbor to our brand new plus size lingerie store “Curvy Girl Lingerie” and has a lot to say on the topic. I think he makes so much sense. What do you think? Thank you JM!


Since you asked for guys to respond:

“We like lingerie for a variety of reasons. A small list:

1) It shows forethought, and interest. We’re not going to complain audibly about pulling off Hanes in the bedroom when intimacy is on the table, but all the same, when she is wearing something that is “sexy”, it shows not only that she is interested in sex, but that she’s prepared herself for it. Compare showing up in bed in plain underwear to showing up for a date with no makeup, your hair uncared for and tied back in a bun, wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt. It’s the same sort of thing… you put on the Hanes Her Way because it serves a function. You put on a sheer mesh teddy because you’re expecting to have sex. This distinction is not lost of us, and it IS a turn on.  

2) it shows confidence. Guys don’t across the board expect every girl out there to be a size 6 (and you really don’t want the attention of those who do, even if you are a size 6). We aren’t in general turned off that you are “curvy”. Most of us have a few extra pounds (or more in some cases) too. The turn off is when you don’t have the confidence to open up and be sexy. Putting on something slinky or sheer and wearing it confidently in front of us shows that you are comfortable with yourself, and not afraid to show it.

3) speaking of which, the related question to this one is “why wear lingerie if it isn’t covering me anyway? Why not just be naked?”. Simply put, in addition to the “attitude” points, lingerie is not supposed to cover, it’s supposed to highlight and enhance. For example, my wife has a few extra pounds, and it generally hangs out at her tummy. For her, wearing lingerie that exposes and flaunts her bust, back, and bottom, while covering and drawing attention away from her tummy works very well for her.

4) not all lingerie has to come off in 30 seconds… some of it is designed so that it doesn’t have to come off at all… and yes, if you wear this sort of lingerie, we will notice, and it will have the desired effect. And trust me, if you wear this sort of lingerie, we will think it looks good on you! Just saying.

5) this is kind of a combination of all the above points, but “sexy” is more mental than it is visual. The confident girl who is comfortable in her own skin and with her own sexuality is going to exude “sexy” no matter what she is wearing (or not wearing). But she’s probably wearing lingerie because she likes how it makes her look too, and knows what it does to him too.

Anyway, I happened upon this site looking for my wife, and was surprised to find a place within walking distance of home that specialized in plus size that I didn’t even know about. We’ll probably stop in some time.”

Never met him, but I LOVE HIM! Thanks JM for such a thoughtful and comprehensive blog comment. I look forward to meeting you at our Willow Glen store soon.

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon  Resident Curvy Girl


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