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A Curvy Girl Documentary : What Would We Share?

Chrystal Bougon

Posted on February 27 2015

There is a production company possibly interested in making a documentary about our boutique and body acceptance movement –  #curvygirlproud !  I am so thrilled that our boutique is a small part of this body acceptance / body love movement that is going on. I personally think it would be awesome to let the world know about our boutique. But, it is my baby (2.5 years old, so we can call it a toddler now.) so I am clearly biased like any Mom would be.curvy girl viva la diva

I am interested to know what you think are the elements of Curvy Girl that the world needs to know about? Obviously, we sell plus size lingerie in a boutique where plus size women can come and try it on in a safe environment. That is very very rare!  We have an amazing community that supports one another.  We have a NO SHAMING policy. That means NO Negative Self Talk and no shaming any bodies of any type.

Our customers are super fascinating. Our customers are young, old, Black, White, Asian, Latin, gay, straight, bi, trans and queer and every other wonderful combination. Some are married for 50 years and some just met online. Some of our customers buy our lingerie just for themselves. Others buy the lingerie to wear for their love. Some wear it to play parties and pride parades.  Just so awesome.

But, what else? What do you think is key? What do you think the world would be interested in knowing about our boutique?

Thanks! I look forward to your comments and ideas.

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Owner and Resident Curvy Girl



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