Get The Best Thighs Highs for Thick Thighs

Kixies "Elle" Fishnet Diamond
 Thighs High 


We love Kixies. They're the ONLY thigh highs we've found that work for thick thighs. You can dance in them and have hot sex in them for hours! They stay up thanks to their proprietary technology in the band. 

They won't make that weird lump in your thigh (you know what we're talking about) so you don't get dents or bulges anywhere on your thigh. In Kixies your thigh looks like the masterpiece it was meant to.

Price: $6.00

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Love for Kix'ies

Kix'ie Sizing and Care

How do I care for my Kix'iesĀ®?

Hand wash cold or machine wash with hosiery bag. Do not bleach. Drip dry.

What is the fabric content in Kix'iesĀ®?

Tight: 10% Spandex/90% Nylon  Band: 12% Silicon/55% Nylon/33% Polyester

Remember, this offer is online only. It's ONLY available through this channel and there is NO in-store pick up.  There are NO exceptions